Wednesday Wait Loss

Tired of feeling guilty about that pile of unifinished projects? Do you need a push to start a new project that seems too hard? Then the Wednesday Wait Loss Linky Party may be just what you need!

Every Wednesday, link up a WIP you've put off for way too long and find the push you need to get 'er done! You can also link up your finishes (yeah) and get a big Woop! Woop! for completing them after so long. Got a new project you've always dreamed of doing? Why wait? Link that up too and we'll get you going with love, hugs, and lots of encouraging words.

Here's how to link up.

1. First, visit my current Wednesday Wait Loss page. You'll find a link to it in the sidebar of my blog.

2. Second, scroll down to the bottom of the post. Right after my signature, you'll find a blue button that says Add a link. Click it, then do one of the following:

  • To link to a blog post, paste the link to that post (and not to your blog's Home page) in the Link box, enter your name under Link Title, enter your Email, select a photo and click Done. Please link back to my post somewhere in your blog post. Also, please link to a specific blog post and not to your Home page.
  • To link to an Instagram photo, paste your Instagram URL (such as in the Link box. Enter your name under Link Title and enter your Email. The photo you linked to should appear. Select it and click Done. Please include the hashtag #WedWaitLoss and @inquiringquilter when posting your image to Instagram.
  • To link to a Flickr photo, paste your Flickr URL (such as in the Link box. Type your name in the Link Title box and enter an Email. Select a photo and click Done. Please include the hashtag #WedWaitLoss and @inquiringquilter when posting your image to Instagram.
  • To upload a photo from your phone, first make sure it's not high resolution. Open your camera app and select the option to use low or medium resolution. Then take your photo. Next, go to my Wednesday Wait Loss page, click the blue button, and enter your name in the Link Title box and an Email. Click the Upload tab, select the file on your phone and click OK. Select a photo. After you've created your link, leave a comment on my Wednesday Wait Loss page that tells us a bit about the project you uploaded a photo to. Your comment will also allow us to reply and leave our encouragement!

Be sure to visit at least 2 of the links to blogs/Instagram/Flickr and leave an encouraging comment. Also, since some of our participants are not bloggers or Instagram/Flickr users (you can tell because their pictures won't be linkable) please select at least 2 of these non-links and reply to their comment.

By linking up, you are giving me permission to grab a photo from your post and to feature you next week. Featured photos are linked to your original post. If you're featured, grab the button below.

Wednesday Wait Loss

The linky party will be open every week from Wednesday 8 AM EST to Friday 12 AM EST.

Help me spread the word! Grab the button below and use the hashtag #WedWaitLoss on social media.

Wednesday Wait Loss