Making a Quilter's Knot

A quilter’s knot is a simple and easy knot you can make at the end of a piece of thread or floss. Use a quilter’s knot to secure your stitching, whether you’re trying to hand quilt, bind, or sew down a sleeve on a quilt. A quilter’s knot is also useful when adding embroidery to your quilted pieces.

1. wrap the thread or floss around your needle three times.

Cut a piece of thread or floss about 18” long. Thread your needle. Use a needle threader or a self-threading needle to help you.

Hold the threaded needle in your left hand. Pinch the end of the thread/floss under your left thumb. With your right hand, wrap the end of the thread/floss three times around the needle.

2. Pinch the wrapped threads against the needle, using your left thumb

Use your right hand to gently pull the needle up, holding tight to the wrapped threads under your left thumb. The wrapped threads will slide down the rest of the thread/floss, eventually forming a quilter’s knot at the end of the thread/floss.

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