How to Use the Blanket Stitch (Embroidery)

The blanket stitch is an embroidery stitch that is both decorative and functional when used along the edges of an applique.

Thread the needle

Use 3 or 6 strands of floss, depending on how dark you want the line to be. Thread the needle and knot it at one end using a quilter’s knot.

To make a quilter’s knot, hold the threaded needle in your left hand. Pinch the thread under your left thumb. With your right hand, wrap the end of the thread three times around the needle.

Pinch the wrapped threads using your left thumb and forefinger, then gently slide them down off the needle and to the end of the thread. A knot will form at the end of the thread.

Bring the needle up along the outside edge of your applique

Bring the needle down in the applique

Bring the needle down about 1/8” down from the place where you brought the needle up, and about 1/8” in from the edge of the applique.

Bring the needle up at the edge of the applique

Bring the needle up along the edge of the applique, directly across from where you came up in the applique. Make sure that the point of the needle is above your thread as shown. I hold my thread with my left thumb to make this part easier.

Pull on the thread to form a loop

Bring your needle down in the applique as before

Repeat steps 2 to 4 to finish the edge of your applique with blanket stitching. End your stitching by tucking your thread under a stitch on the back of your work.

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