Spring Quilt Market 2019 - Day Two

I recently spent a week in Kansas City attending Quilt Market, a quilting industry convention that’s held in the spring and fall.

I’ve already recounted my trip down to Market and my adventures on the first day, attending Schoolhouse sessions and Sample Spree prior to the Market floor opening.

On Day Two (Friday), the Market floor officially opened to visitors. I spent most of that day with business contacts.

First, I met up with my fellow Island Batik Designers for a quick photo. Aren’t we wonderful? <grin>

Once I was up on the Market floor, I went right to the Island Batik booth. There I took photos of every quilt so I could share them with my fellow Ambassadors who were not attending Market. The Island Batik Ambassadors make the quilts that decorate the booth and I knew that everyone would want to see their quilts hanging at Market so I made sure to get a good photo of every one. In fact, I went back several times over the course of the week to make sure I got good photos.

I’m not immune to the thrill of seeing my own work at Market, so I made sure I got photos of my quilts hanging in the Island Batik booth.

Broken Road


Like Clockwork

After taking photos, I stopped to say hello to the people I work with every day—the employees of Island Batik (including Kim, who couldn’t resist photo-bombing me).

The Island Batik fabric designers have booths that surround the Island Batik booth. I loved meeting each of them.

Barbara Pershing

Tammy Silvers

Deb Tucker

Some Island Batik pattern designers like me also had booths nearby so I stopped by to say “Hi!.” Laura @ Slice of Pi Quilts had her first booth at Market and she did so well I’m thinking seriously about having one myself sometime soon. Laura’s sneak peek (a small display in a glass case downstairs at the entrance to Market) won an award! Her sneak peek was a miniature of her real booth. Very clever.

Laura Piland

Tina Dillard

After visiting Island Batik, I stopped by the booths of other companies I work with as an Ambassador such as Hobbs Batting, AccuQuilt Go!, Aurifil, and Funky Friends. At Hobbs, I got a lot of info about batting types and their possible uses. I’ll be getting this info soon in a format I can share so I’ll be doing that soon.

The AccuQuilt Go! booth was filled with the newest dies and I left wanting them all. Aurifil’s booth was a feast for the eyes. All those luscious colors!

I love making Funky Friends as you know so I had a lot of fun at their booth falling in love with the endless array of stuffed animal patterns.

I ran into Eleanor Burns at the AccuQuilt Go! booth (she wrote the companion book that’s included in the Go! Cube packs of dies). She couldn’t be sweeter and her book was a ton of help in getting me up and running with my Go! cutter fast.

I met up with friends for lunch and made some important contacts that I hope will bear fruit. Then I wondered the floor for a bit, trying to take it all in. There’s so much to see at Market that I like to roam the floor over the course of a few days so I can really see everything.

Here’s a taste of some of the eye candy.

After Market, I headed back to the Air BnB we had rented. The Quilting Collective hosted a party of industry professionals and that made for a great way to end the day. (Yes, that’s Eleanor in my kitchen!)

Some of my Island Batik Ambassador buddies stopped by and that just put the icing on the cake!

The party ended but not so late that I couldn’t rest up for the next day. One thing you absolutely need at Market (besides a large bag with wheels <grin>) is plenty of sleep!

My next installment will cover Day Three (Saturday) at Market. On Day Three I visited my quilt in the Timeless Treasures booth, shopped at some of the pop-up shops, and walked the floor looking for inspiration and industry trends.

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Tell me…what fabric or quilting-related manufacturer would you most like to visit if you were at Market?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

May Goals Recap

May is almost done and it’s time for me to recap how I did at meeting my May goals.

  • Make progress on a quilt for my daughter. The Star Trek quilt I’m making for my daughter is moving right along. This month’s goal was to make some of the larger blocks. I sewed them up while helping her pack for the move home after college so every time I look at them I get a bit nostalgic. <grin>

  • Make a Modern quilt for the May Island Batik challenge. I struggled with coming up with a modern design, but I think it was worth all the difficulty. I call the quilt “After the Rain.” Click here to read more about it.

  • Make progress on the January Island Batik Getaway Blog Hop challenge I made the modest goal of trying to finish appliqueing all the birds and leaves but didn’t get to it. Ugh.

  • Make two Bee Inspired blocks. I only have two more blocks to make for my bee buddies and I hope to get them done this month. The first is a house block for Janice @ Color Creating and Quilting and the other are two brick blocks for Kate @ Smiles From Kate. I didn’t get to these either but I will.

  • Write two new patterns for Island Batik. I’ve got three quilts in the Island Batik Spring Market booth, so I needed to finalize the three patterns and get them ready to sell. I’ve got one done, one underway, and one more to write.

    I made progress on one of the two quilt patterns but not enough to send it to testing. Market has taken up more time than I thought it would! Oh well.

  • Finish a quilt for Spring Market. Timeless Treasures selected one of my designs for a free download pattern for Quilt Market. My goal was to finish the pattern and to also make a sample for their Market booth. Although I had to finish the binding in the car, I got it done!

    Here it is, hanging off the front porch of the Air BnB we rented. If you’d like to see how it looked in the Timeless Treasures booth, come back tomorrow for my Quilt Market report Day Two.

    The pattern is called Facets by the way. Look for it soon on the Timeless Treasures website. If you’d like a kit, Keepsake Quilting will be offering one. Also, I believe Quilts by the Bay will be making up kits as well. Right now my quilt is at Keepsake for photography, then it’ll go on to Quilts by the Bay and several other quilt stores before eventually coming home to rest.

    The fabric collection is called Timeless Treasures Tonga Batik Passport. Look for it in your lqs in the fall.

  • Finish a quilt for Fall Market Island Batik selected one of my designs for the Fall Market Collections and I need to piece that quilt and get it quilted by early June. With Market though I’ve just gotten the piecing done, so I’ll be quilting this down to the wire!

  • Host two blocks for the Sew Let’s QAL. The first of these two blocks was called “Sew Let’s Quilt Shop,” and it was adorable! Click here to learn where to download the free pattern.

    The second block was designed by moi, and it’s called Binding Clips. Click here to learn where to download my free pattern.

    It’s not too late to join in on the fun! You only need to make the blocks in Segment 2 to enter for a prize. My block was the first one in Segment 2. If you want to enter for the Grand Prize at the end of the quilt along though you’ll need to make the blocks in Segment 1 as well. You don’t need to make a quilt though—all you need to do for the Grand Prize is to use each of the 12 blocks in some kind of project—-you make as many projects as you want. Or you make a quilt. The choice is yours! Click here to learn more about the quilt along. Click here to see my project idea for Segment 1.

  • Complete the sign up process for Checkers. I’m all set up and I’ve received my first order from them so my patterns will soon be shipping to quilt stores around the country!

  • Finish a pattern for RJR. Sometimes I write patterns for other pattern designers, and this is the case with this one. Got the pattern done and it’s in testing, so I can basically check this one off.

It was a busy month and I didn’t get as much done as I would have. Getting sick right after Market sure didn’t help. But let’s see—there were 13 things to do, and I did 7 of them. That’s 54%. Not terribly great but it is what it is!

Blog signature 3.jpg

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tell me...how did you do on your goals this month?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

My May Island Batik Challenge

The May challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors was to design and make a modern quilt featuring Hobbs batting.

Modern quilt designs are harder for me so this one took a long time to gel. A modern quilt typically includes one or more of the following:

  • Bold colors, often solid

  • High contrast

  • Large negative spaces (spaces where there is no piecing, but instead lots of fantastic quilting)

  • Improvisational piecing

  • Minimalism (less piecing, easy piecing)

  • Alternative grid work (blocks laid out in something other than the common rows and columns)

I played with several ideas, repeating the mantra “Minimalize! Minimalize!” so I would get it right. Nothing really struck me though until finally I hit on an idea to do a sort of color wheel.

I’ve been wanting to make a color wheel quilt for some time now, and I’d put ideas in my design book. It was when I was looking through my design book recently that the ideas finally came together.

For the “between” colors like yellow-orange, I’d create a sort of transparency effect that would make it look like the yellow square was blending with the orange square to create the color. Now here was an idea I could finally get behind!

Once I had a plan, cutting the quilt was easy. I used my AccuQuilt Go! to cut about half the shapes—there were a few I didn’t have dies for. <sob> Still, I had the quilt cut and ready to sew in no time.

As I was piecing the quilt, the phrase “After the Rain” came to me because it’s only after a rain that we see a rainbow. Those of you who follow me know that this hasn’t been the easiest year, so the idea of a rainbow in my life after all this rain made me happy.

For quilting, I decided to create raindrops on a sidewalk. The sidewalk is represented by parallel lines. These kinds quilting designs (radiating circles and parallel lines) are often found in modern quilts so I thought it was very apropos.

And look how it shows off that wonderful Hobbs 80/20 batting! This batting is a blend of cotton (80%) and just enough polyester (20%) to create a smooth glide through the batting for your needle. It is also the choice of most longarmers I know. So if you haven’t tried Hobbs 80/20, you should give it a try!

Because of the rainbow motif, I decided I wanted to take photos of my quilt by the Rainbow Bridge in Broad Ripple, a cute artsy village near me. Ironically, I had to wait to a period between rain storms to get my shots!

It was worth it, don’t you think?

For fabrics, I chose tone on tone batiks from my large Island Batik stash. For the backing, I used #121714220, Mini Dot Nasturtium from the Plum Delicious collection.

Here is a closeup of the quilting. I had such fun with this! To create the circles, I traced around my spool cap, then simply used the edge of my walking foot to guide me as I quilted bigger and bigger circles.

For the straight lines, I used ruler work. To do ruler work on your domestic machine, you’ll need a ruler foot (a foot with high sides that prevent the needle from hopping onto the ruler accidentally) and acrylic rulers made specifically for quilting. My sewing machine came with a ruler set so I was all ready to go!

The straight ruler shown here has parallel lines you can use to create your quilting lines. I simply measured one ruler line out from the previous stitching line to create the next stitching line. I could have set the lines wider apart by going two, three, four or more measured lines out from the stitching line.

To stitch ruler work on a home machine, you simply hold the ruler with one hand and guide the quilt underneath the needle while keeping the edge of the foot against the ruler. It takes a bit of practice to do this but not much. I was up and running in a few minutes.

If you haven’t tried ruler work yet, you really should! I find it relaxing because I don’t have to think about where to move the quilt. Instead I just guide the foot along the ruler.

After the Rain 11.jpg

Here are the quilt details:

"After the Rain"
44” x 44"
Original Design
Fabrics: Island Batiks scraps plus a White batik (a Neutral); Backing is #121714220 Mini Dot Nasturtium (Plum Delicious collection)
Batting: Hobbs Batting 80/20
Piecing Thread: Aurifil 50 wt. #2024 (White)
Quilting Threads: Aurifil 50 wt. #2024 (White)
Pieced and quilted by Jennifer Fulton

This quilt turned out to be a lot of fun, but man it took a long time to come up with an idea I liked. Next month, our challenge is to use a new technique. I’ve done an awful lot of quilting so coming up with something new will be hard. Oh well. That’s what I love about these challenges—they really push us to expand our quilting repertoire!

Speaking about a challenge, let me share with you a few photos of my cat Zora who presented quite the challenge while I rushing to take some closeups as the light was fading.

I guess you could say she won, but really so did I. She’s a perfect kitty that she simply makes me smile.

So What Are You Working On?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Disclosure: The products featured here were provided to me free of charge by Island Batik, Aurifil, Hobbs, and Accuquilt Go!

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Tell me..have you tried hobbs batting? what’s your favorite type of batting and why?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

Wednesday Wait Loss 121

Welcome to Wednesday Wait Loss. Please share what you’ve been working on!

First let me tell you what I've been up to

As you know, I went to Quilt Market last week and I shared my journey to Kansas City with you last Wednesday. On Saturday I shared what I did my first day at Market—the Schoolhouse sessions and Sample Spree.

If you missed any of the quilt candy from my Day One post, click here.

I’ve got more to share with you about Market, so stay tuned!

I also finished my May island Batik challenge quilt and took photos of it yesterday. I’ll be sharing the quilt with you tomorrow so be sure to come back for that. Meanwhile, here’s a little sneak.

Well, that was my week!

Now let's see who made this week's feature

We had two new quilters join us last week, and I’d like to feature them.

First up is Denise @ For the Love of Geese, who shared her two “new to her” sewing machines. One of them is the same model as my beloved Bernina! Denise, you’re going to love that machine. Although I’ve replaced mine with a new Janome, I still have fond memories of my Bernina QE 150.

Denise also shared the table she uses for sewing. It’s a treadle machine!

Denise also shared the blocks she’s making for the Seashore Splendor QAL and a QOV she’s making using Island Batiks. It’s a great post with even more photos so go check it out!

Next, Allison @ New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting shared a lovely quilt top that’s her own design! Allison will be making the quilt again only larger, and she shared the fabrics she’ll be using for that. Go check it out!

Finally, Karrin shared her Flourishes BOM quilt top. This quilt top took a long time for her to finish because it’s hand applique but now it’s done! Congratulations Karrin!

I recognize this quilt pattern because I love the designers—Piece O Cake Designs. Isn’t it lovely?

Go pay her a visit and encourage Karrin to finish her quilt soon.

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Wednesday Wait Loss Featured

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