19 Stars and Not Counting

I just got back from the Indiana State Museum and its quilt exhibit, 19 Stars. The exhibit marks the beginning of a celebration for Indiana’s bicentennial. There are 19 stars in Indiana’s state flag and that inspired the name for the exhibit.


The exhibit is really unusual, so I urge you if you can to visit it before it closes on Sunday, October 4th. The exhibit is divided into two distinctive groups of quilts: quilts from the museum’s historical quilt collection, and new quilts designed and crafted by award-winning Indiana quilters for this exhibit. The contrast between the old and the new quilts is striking but one thing unites them (besides the fact that they all contain stars of course): an exquisite eye for color, design, and craftsmanship.

To support the exhibit, the Quilter’s Guild of Indianapolis had many volunteers come and demonstrate the art of quilting to museum visitors. I want to send a very special thank you to the many guild members who volunteered their time to support the museum and the art of quilting. Thanks everyone!

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Throwback Thursday - Embroidery Sampler

On this Throwback Thursday, I celebrate my mother’s handwork with this lovely embroidery sampler. I remember this sampler hanging in her living room, in a grouping of other hand-crafted pieces. I always loved this sampler and was so glad to have inherited it.

There is everything to love about this stamped cross stitch piece, starting with the homey motif in the center that's topped by a classic alphabet sampler. I know how many hours went into working this piece, and I know my mom must have been pretty pleased with the result.

I also love the sampler's scalloped border and its floral flourishes. I especially love the mix of colors used throughout the sampler. What fun she must have had, selecting all those colors!

Most of all though, I’m proud of my mother’s workmanship, which is perfection! I’m so glad she encouraged my love of handcrafts because it’s one way in which I feel connected to her.

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