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Stomp the Seal!

My daughter graduated from college this past weekend, and that made it an extra special Mother’s Day.

Katerina graduated from a small private liberal arts college in Ohio that’s full of lovely traditions—one of which is to “stomp the seal.” The seal of the school is set at the crossroads of two major sidewalks that cross the main lawn of the campus and the legend is that if you step on the seal while an undergraduate, you won’t graduate. So as freshman, they are led through the campus on a long tour that culminates at the seal where they are told of it’s history and given the warning not to step on it until they graduate. My daughter took this seriously as did her other classmates and reverently stepped around the seal anytime her path took her that way across campus.

At graduation, the newly christened alums take a shorter tour around Myers Hall (the original administration building) to the seal where they proudly stomp on it. Before graduation day, I got a photo Katerina pretending to avoid the seal. To avoid any accidents, the seal was covered at the beginning of commencement, then revealed just as the graduates rounded the corner to stomp on it and declare their intention to seize this bright new world that was opening before them.

Katerina is a quilter, but she hasn’t sewn much since she entered college. Now that she’s graduated I don’t know if she’ll suddenly take up quilting again since she’ll probably be busy looking for that perfect job while working towards her Masters, but I hope she comes back to it someday.

As beginning quilters, we often choose to avoid the “seals” others have laid before us such as these

  • Always press to the dark

  • Never attempt curved piecing/paper piecing/applique because it’s too hard

  • Don’t quilt your own quilts until you can do it perfectly and without any puckers

  • Always use fabrics like those shown on the pattern cover because if you choose what you like, you may mess up your quilt

I’m tired of seals, aren’t you? I say we should take a cue from the graduates of Katerina’s college and every once in a while, get brave and stomp that seal!

I can’t resist sharing how Katerina decorated her cap. It’s so her!

PS—-I leave soon for Kansas City and Quilt Market. Be sure to follow my blog as I share the latest and greatest in quilt fabrics, tools, and techniques straight from the Market floor!

Tell me…what “sealS” are you avoiding?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I'm a Featured Artist!

We’re featuring local artists this month at Always in Stitches (the quilt shop where I work) and I was so excited when they told me they wanted to feature me too!

Trunk show 5.jpg

There are several local artists being featured, such as Linda (a hand-quilter) who is offering a class on how to hand-quilt.

Ron Bastin, a local beekeeper whose honey we carry at the store is coming mid-month to tell us about how he collects honey. He’ll be bringing some bees in an observation hive so you can see them up close. He’ll also show participants how to make a beeswax candle. What a cool presentation!

Emma O’Brien is a yarn spinner who will show her students how to dye yarn, so we’re carrying undyed (natural) yarn in the store. Emma is bringing a real sheep outside the store for you to see and pet!

All month long,we’re having a trunk show of Vawter Wool showing how yarn is made, from sheep to skein. Stop by the store to see sheared wool, carded wool, and blankets, coverlets, and garments made of wool.

Finally, at the end of the month we are having a Shannon trunk show. You won’t believe how soft their Cuddle fabric (minky) is, and the variety of textures and colors. Not sure how to use it? They’ll show you all the tips and techniques of using this wonderful fabric. Throughout the month, you can take any of several Shannon Workshops to learn how to make infinity scarves, blankets, strip quilts.

So stop by Always in Stitches this month if you can and say Hi and pet my quilts. On display (from right to left starting at the top) is Mirage, Peppermint Twist, Summer Social, Charming Stepping Stones, and Berry Cross. You can also purchase Mirage, Summer Social, and Charming Stepping Stones in my online shop, and soon Berry Cross and Peppermint Twist as well.

Blog signature 2.jpg

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Tell me…I’m curious. which of my quilts in the trunk show most catches your eye?

Welcome to My Corner of Blogland!

Hello everyone and welcome to The Inquiring Quilter! It’s Week 1 of the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop and it’s my turn to introduce myself to my fellow bloggers and my new visitors. Yikes!

First, tell me about the New Quilters Blog Hop…

I participated in the hop last year and met lots of great bloggers. Many of us have become great friends, and some of us even formed our own online hive we call Bee Inspired! We have our own blog and we elect a “queen” each month who chooses a block for us to make for her. Here are the blocks I’ve made so far for Bee Inspired. I'm working on the April block now.

It is my hope that by participating in the New Quilt Bloggers Hop again, I will not only increase my quilt blogger friends but also learn what I need to know to take my blog to the next level. This year’s hop is hosted by Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl, Leanne of She Can Quilt, and Beth of Cooking Up Quilts and they have provided lots of encouragement and support. I highly recommend the New Quilt Bloggers if you are a beginning quilt blogger like me.

For you dear reader, the New Quilt Bloggers hop means you have the opportunity to visit a lot of quilt blogs and to get to know each of us better. If you like what you see here, you’ll find lots of ways to follow me via email or social media at the top of my sidebar. As a new quilt blogger, I can tell you quite honestly that every follower, every comment mean so much!

The hop also means some fabulous prizes. Read on to learn how you can enter...

Now tell me a little bit about you…

Oh dear! I almost forgot to introduce myself! My name is Jennifer Fulton and I’m a professional writer and editor. I’ve written tons of books about computers, computer programs, digital photography, and lots of other technical stuff. After I got the chance to write a book on quilting, I decided I really liked designing quilts and creating quilt patterns. So I started this blog to share my love of quilting and quilt designs.

Now, I not only design quilt patterns that I share here on my blog and eventually sell in my shop, but I also design quilt patterns for leading fabric manufacturers such as Windham Fabrics, RJR Fabrics, and Quilting Treasures. In addition, I’m an Island Batik Ambassador so each month I create a new design to feature their wonderful batiks. Here is some of my work so you can get a feel for who I am as a quilter and designer.

So if you like seeing new fabrics and fresh quilt designs, and you enjoy quilt alongs and an occasional chance to win a fabric bundle, small giftable, or a quilt pattern, you’ve come to the right place! Just be sure to follow me so you’ll get updates whenever I post.

Why the Inquiring Quilter?

When I was looking for a name for my blog, I made a list. That’s probably the first thing you need to know about me. I make lists. Lots of them.

After writing down all the names I could think of I went through the list, eliminating the ones that were taken and the ones that didn’t say “me.” In the end I chose The Inquiring Quilter because I’m always asking questions. Maybe too many. But I can’t help it. I’m a curious cat.

My hope is to make The Inquiring Quilter the spot you turn to when you’ve got questions and need answers and/or inspiration. And community. I’m a big believer in the quilting community and the love, help, and encouragement we give each other every time we get together--whether in-person or right here on my blog. That’s one reason why I’m in a local quilt guild, two guild bees, two New Quilt Blogger hives, and an online bee. I love quilters, and I love spending time with them.

beebutton 1 smaller.jpg

To build that quilty community I love, I’ve got a weekly link up on my blog for sharing our works in progress and a special group on Facebook where you can share your ongoing projects and quilt finishes anytime. So make yourself your favorite cuppa and get curious with us!

Speaking of curious cats, I’ve had several. You can read all about my past fur babies here. Here's my new rescue kitty, Zora. She has literally taken over the place!

Tell me some more…

Here are some random things about me you might want to know:

  • I love history, and I especially love going on vacation to historical sites. One of my favorite vacations was when we visited Gettysburg, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC on a two-and-a-half week see-it-all trip. There’s still so many historical places I want to see!
  • My dream vacation would be to explore Ireland because my spirit lies in the land of my ancestors. Likewise, I love genealogy and the television shows Who Do You Think You Are? and Finding Your Roots.
  • I love Masterpiece Theater and mysteries on PBS. I enjoyed Downton Abbey so much it inspired a quilt design. I also love how Alan Cummings says “murh-dar.” His accent is to die for.


I come from a large family but married an only child and had an only child. I never imagined I’d have such a small family (it wasn’t in the plan <grin>), but I love them both so much and can’t imagine life any other way.

So what’s the plan for this week?

I’m happy as a kitten because I’ve got a plan for this week! That’s another thing you need to know about me. I’m a planner. Once I have a plan, I’m happy as a lark. When I don’t have a plan, I freeze in place and get absolutely nothing done.

I normally don't post more than three times a week, but this week I've got something planned for each day! One of my favorite posts is on Wednesday, and it's called Wednesday Wait Loss, a weekly party designed to help you reduce that pile of works in progress. We’ve got a wonderfully supportive group going so you’re guaranteed to get the encouragement you need to get your projects done. There’s something special going on at the linky party this week, but I won’t spoil the surprise for you. You’ll just have to come back on Wednesday to find out more.

Wednesday Wait Loss

I’m also planning on sharing a project or two this week that I’ve been working on. In addition, I’m hoping to audition a few new changes here on the blog. I hope you’ll stop by each day to check it all out.

More importantly, I hope you will join me beyond this week for my quilting adventure. You can follow my blog easily on Bloglovin, by email, through Facebook, and Instagram. If you wanna join a fun group of fellow quilters, I’ve also got a special group on Facebook just for friends like you! Come join in the fun and share your quilts and your questions with us in our private little corner of the universe. You'll find the many ways you can follow at the top of my sidebar.

Thanks for stopping by!

I really appreciate it. You can share the love by visiting the other blogs participating this week in the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, including my Blooming Quilters beemates. The fun continues each week through May 8th.

Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter (that’s me!)

Fi @ Living Cloth

Laura @ Slice of Pi Quilts

Bobbi @ Snowy Days Quilting

Amanda @ Mommy’s Projects

Thank you Yvonne, Leanne, and Beth for hosting such a wonderful hop! Be sure to stop by their blogs this week and every week of the hop to enter some awesome giveaways. I mean awesome!

Before you go, here’s my quilting tip

All of the participants in the blog hop were asked to provide a blogging or quilting tip. My quilting tip to you dear reader is this: be brave. Last year I participated in the Brave Quilter monthly challenge, and through it I conquered my fear of zippers, art quilts, and home machine quilting. So try something new. What's the worse that could happen?

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Tell me…what’s your favorite quilting tip?

April 10, 2017: Today of all days, my commenting system is taking a vacation, and only working part-time.  Please know that your comments mean the world to me.  As I continue to work on the issue, try refreshing the page.  If that doesn't work, I hope you will return tomorrow to comment and to see what's new on my blog!

My Best of 2016 and What I Hope to Accomplish in 2017

You've probably noticed that I haven't been blogging much. Here's the reason.

Who can resist that cute face? <grin>

I know I can't so I've granted myself permission to take some time off work while my daughter is home from college. Still, now that the new year has started I wanted to recap 2016 and think about my goals for 2017.

New Quilt Bloggers

I’m oh so glad I participated in the New Quilt Bloggers group last year, and I highly recommend the experience for new quilt bloggers like myself. With the New Quilt Bloggers I found much needed support, an incredible exchange of ideas to improve my blog, and best of all, great new friendships.

2016 New Quilt Bloggers

In fact, the connections we made through the New Quilt Bloggers group were so strong that some of us have formed an online bee. I couldn’t be more excited! Expect to hear more about this special bee in the weeks to come.

Blog Hops

I’m not surprised that the blog hops I’ve participated in are popular—they offer you a chance to jump quickly from blog to blog, viewing a lot of related content quickly. I participated in several blog hops last year. Besides the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, these were the most popular blog hops I participated in:

Mini Shadow Quilt Blog Hop

Participants all made the same mini shadow quilt. It was so much fun to see the different fabrics everyone used. Here’s my version.

I loved making my shadow quilt so much I made one for my best friend Alice. I call it “Besties.”

Eerie Nights Blog Hop

For this hop, participants need to make something new for Halloween. I made Dark Shadows, my version of a mini shadow quilt.

Art with Fabric Blog Hop

Participants in the Art with Fabric Blog Hop needed to make an art quilt inspired by a piece of art. I participated in the blog hop both twice.

My first quilt was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, Wheatfield with Crows. Alas, it still languishes in my WIP pile.

My second quilt was inspired by Georgia O’Keefe and a photo of an iris in my garden. I finished this one and I think it's wonderful!

Quilt Alongs

I offered two quilt alongs this year, and both of them were very popular. My first ever quilt along was for Stepping Stones. I offered two options-Stepping Stones and Charming Stepping Stones.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones (alternate colorway)

Charming Stepping Stones

Charming Stepping Stones

Charming Stepping Stones (gradations version) in progress

Charming Stepping Stones (gradations version) in progress

The Stepping Stones Quilt Along is over, but you can find the patterns for Stepping Stones and Charming Stepping Stones in my shop.

I just finished up my second quilt along for Berry Cross, but you can still participate! Just click the Berry Cross QAL tab above for more info. For the quilt along, I offered the pattern in three different colorways. We're going to have a parade of our finished quilts later this month so be sure to come back and check it out. I hope to have the Berry Cross pattern available then as well.

Colorway 1

Colorway 1

Colorway 2

Colorway 2

Colorway 3

My Quilt Shop

I started 2016 with only a couple of quilt patterns in my shop and decided to make it a goal In 2016 to add more. I’m pretty excited because I was able to add three additional quilt patterns and two block patterns in 2016! I also added digital download options for all my patterns.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Charming Stepping Stones


Bee Hive Block

School Block

I’m super excited for the new year! Recently I’ve been working with several fabric manufacturers to create quilt designs that feature their new fabric collections. Many of my designs have been picked up and will be released throughout 2017. Isn’t that cool?

In addition, I’m the featured designer for January in the International Association of Quilters, a members-only online quilt group! I’ll be posting more about that later this week so stay tuned!

Here are my most popular Instagram posts

A Review of My Goals

In 2016, I had three goals:

  • Develop more patterns
  • Add more tutorials
  • Find and connect to the blogging community

I think I did pretty good although I didn’t add many new tutorials. For 2017, here are my new goals:

  • Build my pattern inventory by adding new quilt patterns
  • Continue to make connections throughout the quilt blogging community
  • Increase my presence within the quilting industry
  • Host an ongoing linky party
  • Host another quilt along!

I want to thank Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs for the extra push I needed to write this post. Visit her linky party to see what everyone else accomplished in 2016!

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Tell me..what did you accomplish in 2016? What are your dreams for 2017?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!