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A Day with My Tangled Friends

Once a month, I meet with my Tangled Threads bee and we sit and sew and chat and otherwise have fun. We meet in a room at the quilt shop where I work. So I should add that sometimes we sit, sew, chat, and buy!

Me, I worked on quilting my Mini Love challenge for Island Batik. Sorry, it's not ready to show you just yet! But here's a peek.

By the way, if you've got a quilt project that's red, pink, romantic or otherwise Valentine's, please share it on my Wednesday Wait Loss.

Sometimes at bee we have spontaneous show and tells as members finish a quilt top or other project. Elizabeth showed us her crazy quilt first. Love the quilting on this one!

Elizabeth also shared this beautiful quilt top that features Laurel Burch fabric. I love those fussy cuts!

Mary shared her quilt top, Farfalle with Pesto Sauce (the block is called Farfalle--a kind of pasta). Looks good enough to eat! <wink>

Bee Day Feb 16 2018 7.jpg

Sometimes bee is just the right place to ask an opinion for a project that's giving us trouble. Here, Paula is discussing options for bordering her quilt.

Sometimes, bee is the perfect place for sharing a new technique. Mary shared her method for adding a magic two-color binding to a quilt. Mary shared a close-up photo of he binding in my Wednesday Wait Loss post.

Remember the mug rugs I made for Galentine's Day? I gave Susie hers (didn't get a photo of her with it though <sigh>).

Turns out I was right! She loved the colors I chose, and the butterfly backing.

From the mug rugs I made last year, I let Mary and Suzie take their pick. Funny, they chose exactly the ones I thought they would!

All in all it was a good day!

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Tell me...what do you do at your quilt bee?

&nbsp;I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

 I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!


This week for me has been all about quilt blogging and belonging to hives and bees and other quilting social groups! So let me tell you about another project I'm involved in.

A member of my Tangled Threads bee is President of our Guild this year, so my bee is trying to support her where we can. Earlier this year, we made fabric flowers and table runners for the Guild’s birthday party in February. Our latest project is Quilt Bingo, a game that appeared in Fons & Porter magazine. The plan is to play Quilt Bingo at our Guild Christmas party.

For Quilt Bingo, you need fabric playing cards like this.

After making the cards, we’ll play Bingo the way you might think—by calling out squares such as Green Holiday or Orange Batik. Members that have that square will cover it with a button (of course). The first one to cover five squares in a row wins that Bingo round. Don't know what they'll win...we're leaving that part up to our President!

Back to the fabric cards. Yep, we’re making them, and that involves cutting at least 2,500 2-1/2” squares and sewing them together. So recently I spent an afternoon pressing scraps and cutting squares.

Sounds like a job and it is. I don't mind though because it's forcing me to get my scraps better organized. And hey, I’m using a lot of them up! Woot!

Also on the plus side, after we're done playing Quilt Bingo, we'll sew the bingo squares into a bunch of quilt tops for charity. That makes us feel good!

The center square in all the cards will be black and that’s a free square. The rest will be squares are different colors (yellow, blue, red, orange, pink, purple, and green) that also fit different categories (batik, flower, novelty, leaf, stripe, dots, and so on).

We're only at the cutting and sorting stage, but we're way ahead of the game because we don't need to have the bingo squares sewn up until the December holiday party. Looks like fun, doesn't it?

I love fabric! It's been amazingly relaxing to press my scraps and cut them out for this project. And to touch all those fabrics along the way--do you think I have a sickness? If so, I'm not looking for a cure!

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Tell me...what games do you play at your quilt guild parties?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

Friday Night Sew In: February

Friday was the third Friday of the month, and that means the Friday Night Sew In!

I had a busy weekend, but I still got to sew so it was happy! Friday afternoon I spent a lovely day with the Tangled Threads bee working on my Valentine’s table runner for Scott. You may recall how my actual Valentine’s Day turned out from my previous post. So this weekend I was determined to get the table runner done.

At bee, my ladies worked on their own projects as we shared what was going on in our lives. With the help of my bee, we made the centerpieces for our Guild’s birthday party that was held last week and Elizabeth (the current Guild President) shared all the nice compliments they received. Didn’t they turn out nice?

Making these fabric flowers and coordinating this whole decorating thing was on my 2016 Finish Along list, so woot! Another project completed!

Then Barb showed us the tube method she was using to make a charity quilt. I’d seen it before but had forgotten about it. What a fast way to make a block! If there’s any interest, I’ll put up a tutorial on it but basically, you sew some strips together then cover them with an equally sized strip and sew that on both sides. Then you cut triangles, open and press and you have what looks like a half-square triangle.

I did get my table runner top finished and basted at bee, and I even got a little quilting done on it! I am doing a loopy meander with an occasional heart thrown in for good measure. I quilt on a home machine and am good as I’d like to be so I decided to use white thread in the white squares so the quilting wouldn’t show up too much. I’ve got the white squares done and I’m quilting the rest with a brownish red thread in the other squares so I won’t have to change threads again. As I go along my quilting gets better…guess I need to practice more often and not send everything out to a longarmer! <grin>

Saturday was Scott’s birthday so I didn’t get a lot more quilting done. We ate out at a favorite local restaurant and then went walking in the village. It is like spring here now temperature-wise that it was so wonderful to just be outside in it. We had a lovely day then returned home to watch two rentals—A Bridge of Spies and Truth. Not romantic, but perfect for Scott’s birthday.

As we were walking around in the village and along the walking trail I took photos of the shapes, lines, and textures that interested me. I’m participating in Wandering Camera, a monthly linky, and wanted to capture inspiring photos for that. I’ll share them in an upcoming post.

Also, don't forget my quilt along coming up in March! There's time to enter the giveaway by jumping over here.

I share my blog posts with these awesome linky parties!

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Getting Ready for a Birthday Party

I love throwing parties and playing hostess, so I'm ecstatic that me and my fellow bee mates are playing a small role in the planning of our Guild's upcoming birthday celebration. Specifically, my bee is in charge of the decorations.

Pam, a fellow bee mate, and I took charge of the project and starting scouring the Internet for ideas for centerpieces. My focus was on the centerpieces themselves while Pam’s focus was on the table runner we also wanted to create for the party. I decided that I wanted to make fabric flowers for the centerpieces and that we could use scrap fabric to make them. That decision prompted me to finally organize my scraps, at least to the point where I could lay my hands on the ones that were the right size for flower making.

There are tons of ideas on Pinterest on how to make fabric flowers. But in the end, I decided to ignore most of them and go for something I thought would be pretty simple—fusing two fabrics together and then cutting the resulting fabric sandwich out in some kind of free-form flower shape. Pretty simple idea, so to dress up the flowers, I decided to add buttons.

After making a few of these fused flowers, I got a bit bored and started utilizing some of the ideas I’d found on Pinterest to make a few different ones. What do you think?

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