Welcome to My Day on the Modern Plus Sign Quilts Book Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Modern Plus Sign Quilts Book Hop! I've known the authors-- Cheryl @ Meadow Mist Designs and Paige @ Quilting Blooms--for some time, and I love their work. Cheryl hosted the New Quilt Bloggers for several years, and was extremely generous with her time and talent, and helped me on the road to becoming the quilt blogger I am today.

I'm lucky to call Paige a friend and to have her in my online bee, Bee Inspired. Paige is as talented a quilter as she is humble. I love them both and was thrilled when I was asked to participate in this hop.

Photo courtesy of C & T Publications.

Each day in the hop features two quilts from this wonderful book. Today, the featured quilts are "Petal Plus" and "Faceted Rings."

Each participant in the hop was asked to select a quilt and to make it--in any size, any colors, and with any changes we liked. I chose "Faceted Rings."

Designed, pieced, and quilted by Cheryl Brickey. Photo courtesy of C & T Publications.

I love Plus Sign quilts, so frankly it was hard to choose just one from the book but this one spoke to me. I loved it's dimensionality, and the interplay of the rings from block to block. When I saw it I knew I had to make it.

Photo courtesy of C & T Publications.

Like Cheryl, I chose to use solids in my version of Faceted Rings. Here's my fabric pull. No surprises here since these are some of my favorite colors.

The original quilt is 40" x 40", but I knew that I wanted to make something smaller. So I played with the design a bit, changing the yellow and white background sections in the original to two colors instead of one, and adding some borders. Since what I loved about Faceted Rings was it's 3-dimensional look, I wanted to emphasize that with my color placement, dividing each triangle into light or dark.

I call my version "On the Plus Side."

I decided early on to quilt my version with straight lines. While quilting the plus sign in the middle of the block, I decided to try quilting every other section. That worked well I think, until I got out to the outer border. When I left the quilting out of the light coral sections, the quilt didn't want to lay as flat as I wanted. So I quilted the outer border entirely.

On the back of the quilt, I used a butterfly print that combined most of the colors from the front. The print is by Joann Messmore for Cranston Print Works.

Here are the quilt details.

"On the Plus Side"
18" x 18"
Fabrics: Solids in light and dark teal, gray, magenta, and blue-violet; backing is by Joann Messmore by Cranston Print Works
Pattern: Faceted Rings by Cheryl @ Meadow Mist Designs
Batting: Quilter's Dream Request
Piecing Thread: Aurifil 50 wt. #2600 Dove
Quilting Thread:  Aurifil 50 wt. #2810 (Turquoise), Wonderfil Invisifil 100 wt. #718 (Winet Sky Grey), #714 (Lilac) and #605 (Christmas Red), Wonderfil Konfetti 50 wt. #KT605 (Purple), Mettler 50 wt. #642 (Dark Charcoal) and #806 Blush Pink
Pieced and quilted by Jennifer Fulton

Here's what my color placement would look like in a quilt the same size as Faceted Rings. Seeing it like this, I think a single-color background like Cheryl's original quilt (for example, a solid dark blue background instead of the light and dark blue background shown here) would look better, although I like the effect of using two blues in my small wall quilt.

The Faceted Rings block is paper-pieced and would be easy to sew even for a beginner because there are so few pieces. In addition, it would be simple to make the quilt larger by simply adding more blocks and even some borders if you like. There's a tutorial on paper-piecing (and the other techniques used in the book quilts) at the front of the book, so there's no reason not to give Faceted Rings a try. It's such a gorgeous quilt!

You can purchase signed copies of Modern Plus Sign Quilts from Cheryl's Etsy shop, Paige's Etsy shop, or from Amazon.

Photo courtesy of C & T Publications.

Photo courtesy of C & T Publications.

Here's the schedule for the Modern Plus Sign Quilts Book Hop. Be sure to visit Cheryl and Paige's blogs each day to enter their giveaways. To see our versions of the book quilts, visit the book hop participants.

Monday, March 12th
Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs
Paige @Quilted Blooms

Tuesday, March 13th
Soma @Whims and Fancies
Ann @Brown Paws Quilting
Kitty @Night Quilter
Sophie @Luna Lovequilts
Afton @Quilting Mod
Shelley @The Carpenters Daughter Who Quilts

Wednesday, March 14th
Jayne @Twiggy and Opal
Jen @A Dream and a Stitch
Abigail @Cut & Alter
Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl
Sandra @mmm! quilts
Karen @Run Sew Fun

Thursday, March 15th
Linda @Flourishing Palms
Bernie @Needle and Foot
Liz @Savor Every Stitch
Stacey @Stacey In Stitches
Michelle @From Bolt to Beauty
Patty @Elm Street Quilts
Melanie @A Bit of Scrap Stuff Blog

Friday, March 16th
Myra @Busy Hands Quilts
Izzy @Dizzy Quilts
Ruth @Charly and Ben’s Crafty Corner
Christa @Christa Quilts

Monday, March 19th
Jessica @ Quilty Habit
Cindy @ Hyacinth Quilt Designs
Jennifer @ The Inquiring Quilter
Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

Tuesday, March 20th
Tish @ Tish N Wonderland
Judy @ Sew Some Sunshine
Emily @ The Darling Dogwood
Wanda @ Wanda's Life Sampler
Karen @ Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats
Katherine @ Sew Me Something Good

Wednesday, March 21st
Anja @ Anja Quilts
Kate @ Smiles from Kate
Sue @ Sevenoaks Street Quilts
Carole @ From My Carolina Home
Alison @ Little Bunny Quilts

Thursday, March 22nd
Debbie @ Esch House Quilts
Laura @ Slice of Pi Quilts
Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts
Janice @ Color Creating and Quilting
Joanne @ Quilts by Joanne

Friday, March 23rd
Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs
Paige @Quilted Blooms

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tell me...what colors would you use to make Faceted Rings?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

My Modern Batik Challenge

The Island Ambassador challenge for May (yes, I know it’s June <wink>) was to make a modern quilt at least 36” square. A modern quilt? What exactly defines a modern quilt?

Well, for me, a modern quilt may include negative space (a wide section of background and no blocks), alternate grid work (the placing of blocks in something other than straight rows), bold colors, a graphic looking design, improvisational piecing, or minimalist design. Now that my quilt is done I’m not sure it includes any of these. Oh well.

This collection is called Vineyard, and it has just been released so you’ll find it in your quilt stores soon. I love the purples and greens and wanted a design that honored the collection name so I created a graphical looking bunch of grapes.

I quilted circles in the grape area and leafy edges and vines in the green areas.

In the negative space, I used long straight lines, a hallmark of modern quilting to me.

To quilt this area I tried out a new thread—Wonderfil Konfetti—which I picked up at Market. I’m not sure if it’s any better than Aurifil, but I do like it a lot! I had no tension problems or lint, and it quilted easily. The only thing I didn’t like as much was the spool—I like to be able to tuck my thread end in, like you can on the Aurifil spool. I love this color selection of pastels though. Aren’t they gorgeous?

In the end I don’t know if I created a modern quilt or not. I only know that I like my design, and love, love the Vineyard collection by Island Batik. I just want to eat it all up!

Here are the details:

Modern Vineyard
39” x 38”
Original Design
Island Batik collection, Vineyard
Batting: Warm and White
Quilting Thread: Superior Fantastico 40 wt #5160 Fiji, Superior Fantastico 40 wt #5041 King’s Crown, WonderFil Konfetti 50 wt #KT609 Sky Blue
Pieced and quilted by: Jennifer Fulton

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Tell me…have you ever made a modern quilt?

Breaking Waves Finish!

When I was trying to decide what posts to create for my week in the New Quilters Blog Hop, I suddenly remembered that I’d never shown you the finish of Breaking Waves.

I made two quilts from my Charming Stepping Stones quilt pattern--Rainbow Connection was the other one and I blogged about it here. I like to make multiple versions of my quilts when I create a new pattern so I can show multiple possibilities for making the quilt your own.

It took me quite a while after my Stepping Stones QAL ended to get around to quilting Breaking Waves. I think I was just plain tuckered out! <grin> Anyway, Breaking Waves is the largest quilt I’ve ever quilted on my home machine. Not sure the quilting is all that good, but I had lots of fun with the wave design I used.

I finished Breaking Waves sometime last year, put it aside in triumph and never got around to photographing or blogging about it. Oh well! Sometimes ya just get busy I guess. <grin> Anyway, here are the details:

Breaking Waves
60” x 71”
Fabric: Charm packs from Northcott Stonehenge Gradations collection (Blue Planet colorway)
Batting: Quilters Dream Request
Piecing Thread: Aurifil 50 wt. #2326 Sand
Quilting Thread: Superior Threads, Omni 40 wt. #3072 Blue Spruce
Pieced and quilted by: Jennifer Fulton

The name Breaking Waves and the quilting pattern were inspired by my husband who looked at the finished quilt top and told me that it looked like waves breaking upon a shore. That immediately inspired me to quilt it in a waves pattern, and to name the finished quilt Breaking Waves.

Gotta love a guy who inspires you like that!

Before you go, pop over to my Wednesday Wait Loss linky party and link up! I’ve got a giveaway going on and there are tons of chances to win if you link up your works in progress for the next few weeks. Even if you don’t win, you’ll find a wonderfully supportive group there that totally loves to cheer you on to a quick finish!

I continue my week-long celebration of the New Quilters Blog Hop tomorrow, with the next installment of Furry Friday. Be sure to drop by! But be warned: adorable photos of sweet fur babies are included!

I typically post only two to three times a week, and if you want to know when I do that, there are lots of ways to follow me—by email, Bloglovin’, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. You’ll find everything you need to follow at the top of my sidebar.

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Tell me, what inspires the quilting designs you choose for your quilts?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

March Bee Block for Kate

Here it is almost the end of March and I’m just getting my bee block done for my online bee, Bee Inspired. Here’s the fabric pull for the block—it’s a Christmas block so I pulled a lot of Christmas reds and greens.

I have a reason besides a lack of time for getting the bee block done so late: I wanted to finish my mini quilt for Kate and send it along with her block. Since she lives in England, it made sense to bundle the two together. Well, I finished my mini and it’s cute as a button! Since Kate is a frequent visitor and I want to keep the mini a secret, I won’t show you the quilt but you can see it here. I will however show you the block Kate choose for her month as Hive Queen.

As you can see, the block includes wonky trees and wonky gnomes. Wonky is not really my thing because I’m a planner and wonky requires working without a plan. But I have to admit it, the block turned out pretty cute. So it was well worth any struggle I had. The other blocks are so adorable, I can’t wait to see how Kate’s quilt turns out!

I had lots of fun making the block, and you will too if you want to give it a try. The block really lets you play with fabric scraps, one of my favorite things. The pattern is by Sylvia @ Flying Parrot Quilts and her tutorial is real clear. This block is perfect for dipping your toe into the wonky pond if you want to give wonkiness a try.

Now to get a label on that mini quilt and ship these off to England and Kate!

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I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!