Berry Cross QAL

And the Winner is…

Last Friday, I hosted a Show and Tell linky party for my Berry Cross Quilt Along participants. Man, there were so many beautiful finishes! I'm so glad I hosted this quilt along. Here are the two quilts I made.

After the linky closed, I opened it up for voting. I promised that the quilt receiving the most votes would get something handmade by me.

After looking through my giveaways, I decided on this beauty—a lovely berry-colored tri-cornered basket. What better for a Berry Cross Quilt Along? I learned how to make the basket at a guild quilt retreat, and it was a lot of fun to make.

I decided to throw in a berry colored fat quarter from my stash to make the prize package more complete. In addition, I promised to select a random person to receive a gift certificate from my quilt along sponsor, Always in Stitches.

So….without further delay, the quilt that received the most votes was this gorgeous quilt, made by Susie.

Congratulations Susie! Your prizes will soon be in the mail to you! If you'd like to see how the other quilts fared in the voting, click here. The quilts now appear in total votes order.

And now for our final prize. First, I’d love to congratulation everyone who participated in the quilt along. I think your quilts are all wonderful and I really appreciate your participation. Watch your Inbox because I’ll be mailing out 20% off coupons to every participant soon.

I plan on having another quilt along later this year, and if so, I hope you’ll join me!

So who won that gift certificate? As usual, I assigned a number to each quilter and then used to select a winner. And the winner is…

Pamela Arbour! Congratulations! I’ll be emailing you your gift certificate. Remember that you can use it online and in-person at Always in Stitches.

If you didn’t participate in my Berry Cross Quilt Along, you still can! Click the logo below to find links to all the steps. Please share your finished quilts when you complete them, either by emailing them to me, sharing them in our special Facebook group, or though social media with the hashtag #BerryCrossQAL and @inquiringquilter.

Berry Cross Quilt Along

Thanks again everyone for participating. I hope y'all had fun and will join me for my next quilt along!

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Tell me...what kind of quilt do you want for the next quilt along? Baby, wall, table runner, bed? Applique, paper piecing, regular piecing? Would you like a mystery?

Berry Cross Quilt Along Show and Tell Linky Party!

Hey everyone! Regular readers of my blog know that recently hosted a quilt along for my pattern Berry Cross. If you missed out, you can click the tab above to get all the steps to make a lap-sized quilt.

For everyone who’s been participating in the quilt along, it’s finally time for the big reveal! I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had. Thanks so much for quilting along with me.

Let's look at my quilts in detail. Here is my Christmas version which I call “Christmas Cross.” I used Colorway 2 to create it.

This version was quilted with an eight pointed poinsettia design. In the inner border, I did a simple rolling wave, and for the outer border, I traced the poinsettia shapes.

"Christmas Cross"
32” x 32”
Fabrics: Various Christmas fabrics pulled from my stash.
Batting: Quilters Dream
Quilting Thread: Sulky 40 wt #1169 Bayberry Red and #1051 Christmas Green
Quilted by: Me

My second version of Berry Cross uses Colorway 1 and is called simply Berry Cross. Clever, aren’t I? <grin> Berry Cross is quilted with circles in a cross pattern within each block. The circles (berries) also appear in the outer squares of the berry blocks within a curved frame. The inner border has a simple rolling scroll; a berry leaf appears in the outer border.

"Berry Cross"
58” x 69”
Fabrics: Grunge by Moda in New Saxony (#343), Jade (#305), New Boysenberry (#335), and Rose (#249)
Batting: Warm and White
Quilting Thread: Signature 40 wt, #555 Berry Wine
Quilted by: Theresa Cantwell, Designs by Theresa

So it’s time now for you to link up your Berry Cross quilts in our Grand Finale Show and Tell! To make it interesting, you can vote for your favorites. The owner of the quilt receiving the most votes will get a surprise handmade by yours truly. In addition, I will randomly pick a winner to receive a $25 gift certificate from our quilt along sponsor, Always in Stitches.

The linky will remain open until Monday, February 27th at midnight EST so be sure to link up before then. After the linkup part closes on Monday at midnight, the voting will begin. You can vote three times. Voting will remain open until Thursday, March 2nd at midnight EST. I'll post the winners on Friday, March 3rd so be sure to come back and see who won!

I really appreciate everyone who helped make this quilt along be so successful. In fact, I have a gift for each of you! Everyone who links up a finished quilt will receive a coupon for 20% off all patterns in my store. Just be sure to leave your email address in the linkup.

I will have Berry Cross available soon in a multi-sized pattern, so make sure you are following my blog! I have tons of ways to do that. If you want to follow me on social media, see the buttons at the top of my sidebar under Come and Follow Me! You can also subscribe to my posts through my email newsletter, Bloglovin’, Feedburner, or Quilter Blogs. Just look in my sidebar under Other Ways to Follow Me.

One final reminder...I'm hosting another linky here. Link up any WIP before midnight Friday, February 24th for a chance to win a lovely charm pack from Windham Fabrics. If you missed the deadline, don't can enter every Wednesday for the next few weeks for extra chances to win.

I share my blog posts with these awesome linky parties!

Voting is now open and will remain so until midnight EST on Thursday, March 2nd. To vote, click the heart on a quilt you like. You have three votes. I'll announce the winner on Friday, March 3rd. Also, don't forget to enter my Wednesday Wait Loss party for a chance to win a Windham Fabrics charm pack!

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Tell me...what did you like best about this quilt along?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

Week 6 Berry Cross Quilt Along: Quilting, Binding, and Final Thoughts

Congrats fellow quilt alongers! We don’t have a linky this week. Instead we have some final instructions. We’ll meet back here in January with our finished quilts for one last linky and a final giveaway.

One thing I decided after looking at the tops that have been completed—this quilt could use some borders! So I’ve added two borders to the pattern: an inner 1/2” finished border and an outer 3” finished border. If you decide to add these borders, here’s the yardage you’ll need:

  • Border 1: 1/4 yard
  • Border 2: 3/4 yard

If you add these borders, the quilt top will finish at 55” x 67”. If you decide to go borderless, the quilt top finishes at 48” x 60”.

Colorway 1

Colorway 2

Colorway 2

Colorway 3

Colorway 3

After you get your quilt top sewn together, it’s time to prepare the quilt back. When I figure the yardage for my quilt backs, I allow for a 4” overage on all sides. If you don’t add borders, you’ll need 3 1/8 yards for your backing. If you add borders, purchase 3 1/2 yards instead. Cut the backing yardage in half lengthwise to create two pieces and sew them together using a 1/2” seam, backstitching at the beginning and end of the seam. Press the seam open or to the side—whichever you prefer. Press the rest of the backing nice and flat, press your quilt top clipping any long or loose threads, then layer and baste your quilt to prep it for quilting at home or hang your quilt top and back on hangers to keep it from getting wrinkled until you can get it to your favorite longarmer.

The next step of course is to quilt your quilt. Even if you take your quilt to a longarmer to have it professionally quilted, you’ll need to have some idea as to what type of quilting you want.

Ugh. Quilt as desired. Pretty intimidating, because what that phrase means is you’re the one in charge. The Big Decider. The Person With All the Answers.

Here’s my approach to the quilting dilemma.

  • You might start with how the quilt will be used. Berry Cross is lap size, so it might see a lot of use and therefore a lot of washing. In order to extend the life of my quilts, I don’t wash them until absolutely necessary. But others have a different view. Anyway, if the quilt is going to see daily use, you want to go with some kind of allover pattern that will take less time (or cost less, if you’re having the quilt professionally finished). Since Berry Cross has a lot of pointy shapes, I recommend a curvy allover pattern to soften and compliment it. Here are two of my quilts that use an allover curvy pattern.
  • For a special quilt, you might want to choose custom quilting. To emphasize the central motif, you might want to use something like this...

or maybe this...

Test out your quilting patterns like I do: just draw them using an erasable marker onto a piece of upholstery vinyl.

After quilting your quilt, you’ll need to trim and square it up, then bind it. If you did not add borders, you’ll need 1/2 yard for binding; for a quilt with borders, you’ll need 5/8 yard instead. Cut your binding strips 2-1/4 to 2-1/2” wide as you prefer. Use a diagonal seam to join the strips, then press the binding in half. Attach the binding to the quilt and don’t forget to add a label!

Thank you everyone for participating in the quilt along. I wish you and yours a happy holiday! Please finish your quilt tops and get them quilted. We’ll meet back here on January 27th for a linky party to showcase our finished quilts. And of course, there’ll be a giveaway!

In the meantime, please share photos of your progress in our special Facebook and Flickr groups, or on Instagram with the tags #BerryCrossQAL and @inquiringquilter. Let’s encourage each other to get these quilts finished!

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Tell do you think you might quilt your Berry Cross quilt?

&nbsp; I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

 I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

Week 5 Berry Cross Quilt Along: Assembling the Quilt Top (Flimsy)

Welcome back to the Berry Cross Quilt Along! Looks like fun but you’ve just tuned in? Click the Berry Cross QAL tab above for the complete low-down.

Hugs all around for completing those blocks! It’s been a lot of fun looking at everyone’s color combinations.

Now that we’ve got our blocks sewn, it’s time to sew them together. There are three possible colorways, but the arrangement is simple—just alternate your blocks.

Colorway 1

Colorway 2

Colorway 3

I use my design wall whenever I lay out a quilt. In my book, I show you how to build one. If you don’t own my book, it makes a terrific Christmas present <grin> or you can check the internet for a good tutorial on building your own design wall.

After laying out my blocks, I sew the rows together pressing the seams between blocks in the same direction. I reverse this direction for Row 2, then again for Row 3, and so on. This helps in assembling the rows.

Fons and Porter sell directional pins that are helpful in keeping track of which way you need to press.

After you sew up each row, sew the rows together. I typically press my row seams down, but sometimes I press them open. Because you pressed the seams in each row in different directions, they should nest up nicely as you sew the rows together.

Here’s my Christmas quilt top all done! Woot! Your quilt top will soon be done too, I know it! Party time!

Speaking of party, let's talk last week's giveaway. As usual, I assigned a random number to everyone who posted a new photo last week (I didn't count my photos). Using, I identified a winner.

Congratulations Kimberly I've sent you an email with the digital gift certificate to Always in Stitches attached. You can print it out and use it in the store, or use it online without printing!

Even if you didn't win, I still encourage you to visit Always in Stitches either online or in-store. They are an amazing store and the staff is so wonderful. If you have last minute gifts to get, you'll find it here. I guarantee it! I'm so grateful for their sponsorship of our quilt along! Aren't they great?

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Tell you have a design wall? Did you make it yourself?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!