2016 Q3 Finish Along Recap

Sorry I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, but it’s almost Quilt Market time and I’m busy writing patterns and making fabric samples for several fabric companies (my day job). Wish I could show you what I’m working on but it’s super secret stuff! The new fabrics and patterns are really beautiful and fun though, so expect a lot of wonderful things in your quilt stores soon!

Quarter 3 is over, and it’s time to recap my progress on my UFOs for the 2016 Finish Along. Actually, it's past time! I had this all written but forgot to post it and to link up to the FAL. Oh well. I've decided to go ahead an post what I did so I have a record of it here on my blog.

My list of Quarter 3 WIPs is here. It’s a long list, but I’m a dedicated list maker so a giganto list is what works for me. Everything to do in one place. Here are my finishes for Quarter 3.

  • Zippered pouches
  • New school block pattern for my shop
  • Bingo fabric cards for my Guild
  • Cloud 9 new block pattern
  • Rainbow quilt for Pulse
  • Quilted gift for Terry

Zippered pouches

I designed several zippered pouches for the Christmas in July blog hop and I’m pretty proud of them! I used to be afraid of zippers but gradually we’re becoming friends.

New school block pattern for my shop

I had a goal of adding new block patterns to my shop this quarter, and I’m happy to say I did! I think this school block is awful cute and would make a cute quilt, wall hanging, or zippered pouch for a teacher or a young child off to school for the first time.

BINGO fabric cards

As some of you know, the members of my bee have been working for some time to create fabric BINGO cards for our Guild Christmas party. First we had to scour our stash for the right colors/categories, then cut 2-1/2” squares. I think I cut over 200. Then we needed to sew up the squares into fabric cards. I sewed about 40-50 of those, and my daughter joined in and sewed 25-30! We’re finally done thanks to our committee chairs who organized the whole thing!

Cloud9 new block pattern

I knew the Cloud9 new block blog hop was coming up this quarter, but putting on my FAL list ensured that I wouldn’t get too scared and back out. There were over 70+ designers involved in the hop and it was pretty intimidating, let me tell you! I really pushed myself to design something special, and I think the results are stunning even if I do say so myself.

I’m offering the quilt pattern for free in my quilt along which just started! If want to quilt along with us and you post a photo of your fabric selections to Friday's post by next Thursday, you might win a prize! Jump over here to learn more about the quilt along and view the fabric requirements. Then be sure to come back on Friday to learn how to post your fabric selections and enter the giveaway. Don't be like me and just forget! <wink>

Rainbow quilt for Pulse

When I heard about the terrible events in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, I knew I wanted to make a quilt. The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild coordinated the efforts, and I designed and quilted this quilt in response.

I’m adding the goal of making this pattern to my 2016 FAL Q4 list so look for it soon in my shop!

Quilted gift for Terry

Regular readers will recall that I recently lost a good friend, Terry, who took it in her head to move to a different state. Why can’t people just stay put so I can see them on a regular basis? <grin> Anyway, I made a wonky block for Terry who was collecting them for a future quilt. Knowing her, she’ll have it done soon. She’s not a procrastinator like me. <wink>

I also made Terry a zippered pouch using my Bee block pattern.

Well that’s it! I’m off to update my Quarter 4 WIP list, which is due on October 16th for those of us participating in the 2016 Finish Along. Wonder if I'll remember to post it after I write it? Sigh.

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Tell me…what progress have you made this past quarter? Any special finishes you’d like to share?

2016 Q2 Finish Along Recap

Quarter 2 is over, and it’s time to recap my progress on my UFOs for the 2016 Finish Along. While I got quite a few things done, I didn’t get as much done as I would have hoped. And I’ve added to my list of things to do. Isn’t that always the way? <grin>

My list of Quarter 2 WIPs is here. It’s a long list, but I’m not crazy. There’s no way I actually thought I would get all those things done! It’s that I’m a list maker by nature so for me it’s simpler to write down all my WIPs on one giganto list then to limit the list to only those I think I’ll get done in a certain quarter. Here are my finishes for Quarter 2.

  • Brickyard
  • Rainbow Connection (Charming Stepping Stones)
  • Pieced zippered pouch
  • Pixie baskets
  • Quilt sampler
  • Scissor cozy
  • Dotty blocks


I just showed off this beauty of a finish so I won’t bore you. Suffice it to say that I’m pretty proud of her. If you’d like the pattern, it’s in my shop in both printed and instantly satisfying PDF download form.

Rainbow Connection (Charming Stepping Stones)

Rainbow Connection is a mini block version of my Stepping Stones pattern that I call Charming Stepping Stones. I’m pretty proud of this one because I did the quilting all by my lonesome! Although the pattern for Stepping Stones is up in my shop, you’ll have to wait a little while for Charming Stepping Stones as I clear my desk of projects that are overdue. Sob.

Pieced Zippered Pouch

As some of you know, I have a love-hate relationship with zippers. So I keep pushing myself to make things with zippers like this pieced zippered pouch in order to improve my “technique” if you can call it that. I’m sure you’ll see more zippered items on my blog here soon as I’m resolved to keep at it until I feel comfortable.

Pixie Baskets

These little beauties charmed their way into my heart a few months ago. I just knew I had to make more of them during Quarter 2! Aren’t they stinkin’ cute?

Quilt Sampler

A goal I had for Q2 was to improve my quilting with more practice. So I created this quilt sampler of favorite quilt designs and I'm slowly filling it up. I’ve already got a few more patterns I’ve seen out there on the Internet that I want to add to it, so it’s definitely been a useful project.

Scissor Cozy

I fell in love with this zippered scissor cozy after seeing it on Pinterest and decided to make it another one of my zipper challenge projects. A lucky reader won it in a recent giveaway. Job well done, me!

Dotty Blocks

My bee has gone dotty for dotted fabrics. Recently, we had a dotted block exchange and I designed nine dotted blocks just for it. Here are just a few I made before I gave them away.

Well that’s it! I’m off to update my Quarter 3 WIP list, which is due on July 8th for those of us participating in the 2016 Finish Along.

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Tell me…what progress have you made this past quarter? Any special finishes you’d like to share?

&nbsp; I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

 I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

Celebrate a New Pattern in My Store!

Boy, has this week been exciting! As you know, I’ve been participating in the New Quilt Blogger’s Blog Hop all week, and through it I've met a lot of terrific quilt bloggers. If you'd like to meet them too, you’ll find links to our hosts and the other participants in the blog hop at the end of this post.

2016 New Quilt Bloggers

This week has been exciting for other reasons as well, most notably the release of my first block pattern, Bee Hive! Isn't it adorable?

Even more exciting for all of you, my Bee Hive block pattern is free through this weekend! Woot!

But right now I’m just about bursting at the seams with excitement because I’ve just added a new pattern to my online store and it’s called Brickyard.

I blogged about Brickyard a few weeks ago when I got it finished and snapped a few photos of it. Since then I’ve been writing up a pattern for Brickyard and now it's done! Double woot!

As you can see, Brickyard is a modern design with tons of negative space that’s just begging for some awesome quilting.

Alternatively, you can feature a focal fabric in the negative space. I’m working on just such a version now, and I’ll be posting an update on it soon.

The pattern comes in five sizes, and man is it quick to make! You can use jelly roll strips, fat quarters, fat eighths or yardage to sew up the brickyard. Heck, you can even use your scraps. This quilt is definitely a scrap buster!

To celebrate the release of my new pattern, I’m having a sale in my shop this weekend only, until Sunday, midnight EST. First, Brickyard is $1 off. In addition, if you purchase two or more patterns, you’ll get 10% of your total purchase! Just use the coupon code Brickyard at checkout to get the two or more discount.

Well that's it for me for this week! It's not too late to spread the love and visit the other bloggers participating in the New Quilt Bloggers blog hop this week including several of my hive mates:

Be sure to visit our blog hosts  Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs, Yvonne of QuiltingJetgirl, and Stephanie of Late Night Quilter as well for a chance to win some great prizes and to meet the bloggers from the other hives who are also participating this week. The hop continues for two more weeks so be sure to check back next week for more info.

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tell me..did you have fun this week?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

Start Your Engines: I’ve Got Another Quilt Finish

Just in time for today’s historic 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, I’ve finished my newest quilt, Brickyard. I’m currently in the process of writing up the pattern for Brickyard, which I hope to have in my online shop soon.

I’m a big IndyCar fan.

One of the first dates my husband and I ever had was attending the Indy 500. I’d been many times before, but this was Scott’s first time. I remember clearly his expression when I told him I’d snagged some premo tickets to the race. He looked at me with a sort of “Uh, OK” look and then asked, “Is it loud?” Not exactly the reception I’d been anticipating. After all, isn’t this every guy’s dream to go to the world’s largest single-day sporting event? To wear big headphones and sport racing gear like high-powered binoculars, a special pit frequency radio and a racing stop watch? I swear, when he gave my announcement that lukewarm reception, I almost choked the guy.

Fast-forward twenty-four years, and going to the race is a family tradition.

Needless to say, Scott is a HUGE fan. And so am I. So when I was challenged by my bee to make a quilt using a jelly roll from Moda’s Stonehenge line I immediately thought, “Bricks.” After playing with the idea in my head for a while, I eventually designed Brickyard.

As you can see, Brickyard is a modern design with lots of free space for quilting. Here are the details:

50" x 66"
Fabrics: Gradations “Woodland” by Moda, Robert Kaufmann Kona Solids Shadow
Batting: Hobbs 80/20
Piecing Thread: Aurifil Mako 50 wt, #2326
Quilting Thread: Superior Sew Fine! 50 wt. Silver Screen
Quilted by: Cathy Franks

Here's a look at the back.

I've got another version of Brickyard underway, just to show how versatile this pattern is. I'll post something about that soon, I promise! Until then, I'm excited about my latest quilt finish and to see the 100th running of my favorite race.

Almost forgot! this means I get to check off another item on my 2016 Finish Along list, so congrats to me!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day everyone!

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