My Very First Quilt

I realized the other day that I have never blogged about my earliest quilts—the quilts I made before I started a blog. So I thought that from time to time, I’d share them with you.

My very first quilt was made for my daughter. I started it while pregnant with her and finished it years later after I’d made other quilts and finally learned the basics of quilting (including piecing, quilting, and binding).

The story of how that first quilt came to be was the subject of my first blog post back on May 2nd, 2014.

I started the quilt when I was pregnant with my daughter, back in 1996. I finished it in October, 2001 when she was four. In between, I learned how to be a mommy and how to be a quilter.

The class I took on how to make the quilt was taught by a hand piecer, so we learned how to make a template and to use it to trace triangles. I doubt that any of those triangles were perfect but I managed to sew a recognizable square in square, and surround it with triangles to create each block.

None of the points match, but my friend Rhonda who was an experienced quilter showed me how to sew it together so it would lay flat. We discussed border options and came up with a doable plan to add a skinny muslin border followed by a scrappy squares border and a wider print border.

After I finally got the quilt top together (I even took the quilt apart at one point and redid some of the blocks) Rhonda helped me come up with a quilting plan for the center of the quilt—straight lines quilted with my walking foot running from corner to corner in each block. For the skinny inner border, I quilted a straight line down the middle. For the middle border, I stitched in the ditch along each side and for the outer border, I stitched two parallel lines down the middle.

I used a flowery vintage looking flannel for the backing and made a scrappy binding to finish the quilt. Rhonda embroidered a quilt label for me on her embroidery machine.

As I said, I finished the quilt in 2001. It was 1999 when we came up with the plan on how to square the quilt top and add borders. I took the two years in-between to hone my skills as a quilter by making simpler quilts and to hone my skills as a mother to my beautiful little girl.

Here are the quilt details:

"Baby Ocean Waves"
47" x 54"
Pattern: Baby Ocean Waves by Connie Lancaster
Fabric: Baby-themed scraps collected from the scrap barrel at Quilts Plus, Indianapolis
Batting: Quilters Dream Request
Piecing Thread: 50 wt Beige
Quilting Thread: 50 wt White
Pieced and quilted by: Jennifer Fulton
October, 2001

I finished the quilt one weekend while visiting Rhonda. While I did the quilting, Rhonda took my leftover scraps and made a matching doll quilt. (28” x 32”). Both quilts are treasured by my daughter, who graduated from college last year. Maybe one day she’ll have a little boy or girl, and pass the quilts onto them.

tell me…what was your first quilt?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

My July Island Batik Challenge is Complete!

For July, the challenge for Island Batik Ambassadors was to make a baby quilt.

A few days ago, I shared a sneak peak of my quilt top, and mentioned that I had a surprise for you! Well, here’s that sneak peak.

And here’s the surprise!

I added dachshunds! Yep. I’ve got two, count ‘em two, nieces who are both pregnant and extremely fond of those adorable hot dogs. So I decided to design a special baby quilt with dachshunds for one of them. Not sure right now if I'm going to make a duplicate, or go a different way for the second one.

The base of the quilt is HSTs arranged in a classic barn-raising setting. For the dachshunds, I decided on silhouettes instead of trying to render the little doggies realistically.

I quilted the dark purple areas with straight lines. Yeah, I know. Straight lines are kinda my go-to quilting design, but in this case I wanted quilting that was simple so it wouldn't compete with the little hot doggies.

In the light purple areas, I quilted paw prints and a few hearts. Since this is a baby quilt, I didn’t want to overwhelm it with doggie-related quilting motifs, so I stuck to paw prints only, and avoiding dog bone and hydrant motifs. For the doggie chasing the ball, I quilted swirly lines to suggest movement.

Also, I only placed the paw prints in the outer light purple area, reverting to straight lines again (going the opposite direction as before) in the other inner and far outer light purple areas.

I had left over HSTs so I pieced the back.

For the binding, I pieced strips from each of the light batiks I used.

The design is my own and I call it “Dash Away, Dachs Away!” Here are the quilt details:

“Dash Away, Dachs Away!”
36” x 36”
Original Design
: Island Batik Vineyard collection
Batting: Warm and White
Piecing Thread: Aurifil 50 wt #2785 Very Dark Navy
Quilting Thread: Superior Threads Fantastico 40 wt #5041 King’s Crown, Exquisite 40 wt #E5383 Dark Lilac
Pieced and Quilted by Jennifer Fulton

Since I’ve got two nieces who are expecting, I suppose another dachshunds baby quilt is in my future! <grin>

Have you finished any baby quilts lately? I'd love to see them! Link up a photo to my Wednesday Wait Loss. It's open until Tuesday at midnight EST.

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Tell me…have you made any baby quilts lately?

2016 Q2 Finish Along Recap

Quarter 2 is over, and it’s time to recap my progress on my UFOs for the 2016 Finish Along. While I got quite a few things done, I didn’t get as much done as I would have hoped. And I’ve added to my list of things to do. Isn’t that always the way? <grin>

My list of Quarter 2 WIPs is here. It’s a long list, but I’m not crazy. There’s no way I actually thought I would get all those things done! It’s that I’m a list maker by nature so for me it’s simpler to write down all my WIPs on one giganto list then to limit the list to only those I think I’ll get done in a certain quarter. Here are my finishes for Quarter 2.

  • Brickyard
  • Rainbow Connection (Charming Stepping Stones)
  • Pieced zippered pouch
  • Pixie baskets
  • Quilt sampler
  • Scissor cozy
  • Dotty blocks


I just showed off this beauty of a finish so I won’t bore you. Suffice it to say that I’m pretty proud of her. If you’d like the pattern, it’s in my shop in both printed and instantly satisfying PDF download form.

Rainbow Connection (Charming Stepping Stones)

Rainbow Connection is a mini block version of my Stepping Stones pattern that I call Charming Stepping Stones. I’m pretty proud of this one because I did the quilting all by my lonesome! Although the pattern for Stepping Stones is up in my shop, you’ll have to wait a little while for Charming Stepping Stones as I clear my desk of projects that are overdue. Sob.

Pieced Zippered Pouch

As some of you know, I have a love-hate relationship with zippers. So I keep pushing myself to make things with zippers like this pieced zippered pouch in order to improve my “technique” if you can call it that. I’m sure you’ll see more zippered items on my blog here soon as I’m resolved to keep at it until I feel comfortable.

Pixie Baskets

These little beauties charmed their way into my heart a few months ago. I just knew I had to make more of them during Quarter 2! Aren’t they stinkin’ cute?

Quilt Sampler

A goal I had for Q2 was to improve my quilting with more practice. So I created this quilt sampler of favorite quilt designs and I'm slowly filling it up. I’ve already got a few more patterns I’ve seen out there on the Internet that I want to add to it, so it’s definitely been a useful project.

Scissor Cozy

I fell in love with this zippered scissor cozy after seeing it on Pinterest and decided to make it another one of my zipper challenge projects. A lucky reader won it in a recent giveaway. Job well done, me!

Dotty Blocks

My bee has gone dotty for dotted fabrics. Recently, we had a dotted block exchange and I designed nine dotted blocks just for it. Here are just a few I made before I gave them away.

Well that’s it! I’m off to update my Quarter 3 WIP list, which is due on July 8th for those of us participating in the 2016 Finish Along.

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Tell me…what progress have you made this past quarter? Any special finishes you’d like to share?

&nbsp; I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

 I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

Making the Most of Leap Day

What a blessing! I woke this morning and Google reminded me that I had one more day in February in which to get some quilting done. Yeah, it only happens every four years but I’m taking it!

I also realized this morning that I hadn’t updated y’all on my Stepping Stones Mini. I blogged about it here back when I was wondering which layout to use. I decided on the rainbow layout, as you can see. Isn’t it lovely?

This toddler-sized quilt now sits on my pile of WIPs that need quilting. Since I home machine quilt and I’m only okay at it, I like to go slowly and carefully so it's a slow process. I promise to update you on this beauty when I get it quilted. The SS Mini is part of my 2016 Finish Along list so I’m motivated to complete it soon.

I’ve also been following the Pattern Writing blog series (see my sidebar) and using what I’m learning there to improve my pattern writing skills which is why the Stepping Stones pattern is not out just yet. But it’s almost done though and top on my list of things to do today.

Well, I better get on with it or this day will be gone as fast as February was! By the way, if you like Stepping Stones, I'll be hosting a quilt along starting March 16th. It's going to be a lot of fun! I hope you'll join us. Want to know more? Click here.

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