2016 FAL

My Teal Mini

I don’t know if you were aware of it or not, but September was ovarian cancer awareness month. The color for ovarian cancer awareness is teal, and a group I met online decided to raise money for ovarian cancer research by having a teal mini quilt exchange.

The swap was incredibly successful and raised over $4,000 for the cure! After signing up, I was assigned a swap partner. My partner was Barb, and she lives in Alaska. We had until October 2nd to mail our finished quilts to our partner. Barb was in the process of moving to another state, so I got my quilt a little late. Here’s what Barb made me.

I told her that I wanted her to make me something that would remind me of Alaska and the new friend I’d made. Barb has an embroidery machine so I knew her quilt would feature some kind of embroidery, but wow! Isn’t the bear truly awesome?

We were each given a small bit of teal fabric to include in our quilt--in this case it was the modern stripe fabric you see in the HSTs. Barb even included some teal ribbon fabric in her mini. Wasn’t that great?

Here’s what I made Barb. It’s my Berry Cross block, set on point with a flying geese border. Isn’t it beautiful?

I quilted it with close parallel lines, and I really like the result! It’s traditional to send along some things from your home state, so I included an Indy tour guide, a postcard showing the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and a magnet celebrating our state’s bicentennial. I also included some Amish pecan crunch. If you’ve never tasted this stuff, you’ve never tasted heaven! It’s buttery crunchy deliciousness.

My only regret is that in the rush to get the quilt sent, I forgot to take a photo of just the quilt. Here’s the best photo I’ve got—a late night shot of the quilt before I put the binding on.

Here are the quilt details.

Tealberry Cross
18” x 18”
Original design
Fabrics: Kona Snow and scraps from my stash
Batting: Quilter’s Dream Request
Piecing Thread: Aurifil 50 wt. #5011
Quilting Thread: Aurifil 50 wt. #2024 and Mettler Metrosene Plus 100 wt #0554
Pieced and Quilted by Jennifer Fulton

This was a project on my 2016 FAL list, so I get to knock another one off.

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Tell me...have you ever participated in an online swap?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

2016 Q4 Finish Along Goals

It’s the last quarter of the year, and my list of unfinished projects is still long. I am getting a lot of things done though, just not at the rate at which I’m adding new projects to the list! Oh well! <grin>

Brickyard Alternate and Charming Stepping Stones

I’ve cut up the fabric for this version of my Brickyard pattern so at least that’s something! I hope to get it pieced this quarter and maybe even quilted! Made progress of my gradations version of Charming Stepping Stones as well. Got this half quilted before my busy October hit, so this looks like it might be a Q4 finish!

Alternate Versions of Quilts from My Book

It seems that making alternate versions of the quilt in my book Idiot’s Guides: Quilting, has become less important as time goes by. I’ll probably remove them from my list altogether, but I really hope I get to one or two of these before year’s end! For details on each project, check my original post.

  • Spring Romance table runner
  • Elephants on Parade wall hanging
  • Funky Flowers wall hanging
  • I's Have It table runner
  • Life in the Tide Pool table runner
  • Princess Charlotte Alternate baby quilt
  • Signature alternate table runner
  • Snake eyes Alternate table runner
  • Star Crossed Alternate baby quilt or table runner
  • Strawberry Preserves table runner
  • Swimming in the Gene Pool table runner
  • Mirage table runner
  • Water Vortex lap quilt

Previous Entries to My FAL List

I won’t bore you with a long post on projects I’ve had on my list for a while. If you want more details, you can check out my Q3 post.

  • Luggage tags for Bridget
  • Messenger bag for Scott
  • Star Trek quilt for Katerina
  • Bee fat quarter challenges
  • There is No Blue without Yellow (art project)
  • Dotty blocks quilt
  • Kitty bed for Lucy
  • Irish chain quilt
  • Pieced color wheel
  • Halloween quilt for Cici
  • Another art quilt
  • Oh Tannenbaum
  • Midnight Mystery quilt along quilt

Fabric Gifts

As in previous quarters, I have a number of gifts I want to make for friends. I have several friends who have helped me a lot lately, so making them a quick gift would be really thoughtful of me. <grin> I'm glad I have a Pinterest board to which I’m constantly pinning gift ideas. It is a lifesaver!

Meanwhile, I’d still like to make a smaller-sized Open Wide Zippered Pouch by Anna of Noodlehead. Don’t know if this will be for me, or as a gift. As for the other gift items, I’m not quite sure yet.

Shadow Quilt for Alice

There’s one special gift I want to list here, and that’s a shadow mini quilt for my best friend Alice. I’ve had to put off quilting this for a while I’ve been busy but I’m determined to finish it soon.

Berry Cross QAL Quilt

As you probably know, I’ve got a quilt along going on right now, and I’m going to make a quilt along with the participants. I’ve got my fabrics all picked out and they are berrilicious!

I also want to quilt a smaller version of Berry Cross as well, for Christmas. This one will probably be just a wall hanging. Click here to learn more about the quilt along…maybe you’ll join us!

New Block and Quilt Patterns

It started with my Bee Hive block that I designed and offered it for sale in my shop. Next, I designed an apple block for a blog hop, and of course Berry Cross, a block I’m basing my new quilt along on. Designing blocks is so much fun I want to do more! Stay tuned. Hopefully there will be more blocks added to my shop soon.

I’m also hoping to add a few more quilt patterns to my shop as well, most notably a pattern for Berry Cross and the pattern for my Pulse quilt. In addition, I’ve got plans for a quilt design that involves my Bee Hive block, so I want to make up that quilt sample along with a sample of my Pulse quilt pattern.

Quick New Projects for a December Roundup

I did a roundup last year of quick gifts you can make for Christmas. I want to do something similar this year if I have time and design a few more quick projects, and highlight others I find on the Internet. Should be lots of fun!

Secret Sewing Project for Fall Market

I’m sewing up a top for a fabulous designer that will be shown at market. I’m hoping to get the top done by next week—the pieces are almost all cut and I’ve got some blocks sewn up. Can’t show you yet though!

Teal Mini Quilt

I am making a teal mini quilt for an online swap and should have had it done and mailed by now. Oh well. Luckily my swap partner is in the middle of a big move so I have a little time until she gets settled. Shouldn’t be long now though!

Signature Block

I’m sewing up a signature block for a super secret project and can’t show it either. For one reason, it’s a secret. For another, it’s not done yet! But soon, soon!

Mini Quilt for Kate

One of the things I like best is meeting my fellow quilt bloggers and becoming friends. One such friend is dear Kate from Smiles from Kate. If a smile was a person, it would be Kate. I'm so lucky to call her friend. Kate suggested a mini quilt swap for Christmas and I can’t wait to do a fabric pull and to start designing something real special for her.

Special Halloween Project

I’m participating in the upcoming Eerie Nights blog hop and I’m super excited! The hop will feature special Halloween projects, and it should be tons of fun! You’ll have to come back to see my project when it’s finished.





So this is my Finish Along List for Quarter 4. It’s large but that just motivates me to work harder. Wish me luck and lots of finishes!

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Tell me...How are you doing on your UFOs this year? Are you using the FAL to motivate you?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

2016 Q3 Finish Along Recap

Sorry I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, but it’s almost Quilt Market time and I’m busy writing patterns and making fabric samples for several fabric companies (my day job). Wish I could show you what I’m working on but it’s super secret stuff! The new fabrics and patterns are really beautiful and fun though, so expect a lot of wonderful things in your quilt stores soon!

Quarter 3 is over, and it’s time to recap my progress on my UFOs for the 2016 Finish Along. Actually, it's past time! I had this all written but forgot to post it and to link up to the FAL. Oh well. I've decided to go ahead an post what I did so I have a record of it here on my blog.

My list of Quarter 3 WIPs is here. It’s a long list, but I’m a dedicated list maker so a giganto list is what works for me. Everything to do in one place. Here are my finishes for Quarter 3.

  • Zippered pouches
  • New school block pattern for my shop
  • Bingo fabric cards for my Guild
  • Cloud 9 new block pattern
  • Rainbow quilt for Pulse
  • Quilted gift for Terry

Zippered pouches

I designed several zippered pouches for the Christmas in July blog hop and I’m pretty proud of them! I used to be afraid of zippers but gradually we’re becoming friends.

New school block pattern for my shop

I had a goal of adding new block patterns to my shop this quarter, and I’m happy to say I did! I think this school block is awful cute and would make a cute quilt, wall hanging, or zippered pouch for a teacher or a young child off to school for the first time.

BINGO fabric cards

As some of you know, the members of my bee have been working for some time to create fabric BINGO cards for our Guild Christmas party. First we had to scour our stash for the right colors/categories, then cut 2-1/2” squares. I think I cut over 200. Then we needed to sew up the squares into fabric cards. I sewed about 40-50 of those, and my daughter joined in and sewed 25-30! We’re finally done thanks to our committee chairs who organized the whole thing!

Cloud9 new block pattern

I knew the Cloud9 new block blog hop was coming up this quarter, but putting on my FAL list ensured that I wouldn’t get too scared and back out. There were over 70+ designers involved in the hop and it was pretty intimidating, let me tell you! I really pushed myself to design something special, and I think the results are stunning even if I do say so myself.

I’m offering the quilt pattern for free in my quilt along which just started! If want to quilt along with us and you post a photo of your fabric selections to Friday's post by next Thursday, you might win a prize! Jump over here to learn more about the quilt along and view the fabric requirements. Then be sure to come back on Friday to learn how to post your fabric selections and enter the giveaway. Don't be like me and just forget! <wink>

Rainbow quilt for Pulse

When I heard about the terrible events in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, I knew I wanted to make a quilt. The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild coordinated the efforts, and I designed and quilted this quilt in response.

I’m adding the goal of making this pattern to my 2016 FAL Q4 list so look for it soon in my shop!

Quilted gift for Terry

Regular readers will recall that I recently lost a good friend, Terry, who took it in her head to move to a different state. Why can’t people just stay put so I can see them on a regular basis? <grin> Anyway, I made a wonky block for Terry who was collecting them for a future quilt. Knowing her, she’ll have it done soon. She’s not a procrastinator like me. <wink>

I also made Terry a zippered pouch using my Bee block pattern.

Well that’s it! I’m off to update my Quarter 4 WIP list, which is due on October 16th for those of us participating in the 2016 Finish Along. Wonder if I'll remember to post it after I write it? Sigh.

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Tell me…what progress have you made this past quarter? Any special finishes you’d like to share?

Art with Fabric Blog Hop - Round 2

Today is my day on the Art with Fabric Blog Hop, hosted by Alida @ Tweety Loves Quilting.

The idea of the hop is to inspire quilters with beautiful art quilts. I am not an art quilter by nature, but perhaps my piece will at least inspire you to give art quilts a try. One recommendation right off the top though—go small. That way if you don’t like where the art is taking you, you can try again without a lot of waste. And if you end up liking your piece, you can easily find a place in your studio to display it! Win, win!

I chose the art of Georgia O’Keeffe as my inspiration--specifically her floral paintings. In those paintings, I love how she focuses our attention on the natural beauty in a flower's inner structures.

Abstraction White Rose

Flower of Life

Flower of Life

I know. A lot of critics have tried to reduce Georgia’s artwork to a tired cliché. Frankly, I think she simply saw what I see—the loveliness in the simple repeating patterns of nature and (for me at least) the hand of God.

Canna Red and Orange

Canna Red and Orange

Oriental Poppies


To create my art piece, I started with a photo I took of a Siberian Iris in my garden. To make the iris look more like something Georgia might paint, I enlarged it and then cropped it.

Next, I printed out the photo and prepared my fabric for raw edge applique using the Crafted Applique method by Lara Buccella.

I cut apart the printout, and used the pieces as templates to cut out my applique.

I then laid out my templates on the right side of my fabric and cut them out. Little by little, I built my iris.

I layered my completed top with batting and backing, then used my quilting to add details. The quilting allowed me to add color in areas that were missing from my fabrics, and to also add shadows and texture.

For example, I wanted to make sure the petals has those lovely burgundy veins I saw in my original photo.

I also wanted to capture the texture of the large petals, and to add shadows that complimented the curve of the petals.

Although there are other ways to finish an art quilt, I decided to finish mine in the conventional way with binding and a hanging sleeve. Now my quilt is ready to hang in our Guild quilt show next year!

I call this piece "Eleanora's Iris." Whenever I see iris I think of my mom and how lovely her garden was--especially the iris.

Eleanora's Iris

Here are the details:

Size: 15" x 19"
Original Design Pieced and Quilted by Me!
Batting: Quilter's Dream Request
Piecing Thread: Aurifil 50 wt. 5011
Quilting Thread: Sulky 40 wt. 942, Gutermann 805 and 6110,
Mettler 50, Exquisite ES383 and ES387

For more art inspiration, please visit the other quilters participating in the Art Blog Hop. Here are today’s participants.

For a list of the rest of the participants in the Art with Fabric Blog Hop, please click the image below.

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Tell me...who is your favorite artist? Why?

&nbsp; I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

 I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!