Spring Quilt Market 2019 - Day Three

I just spent a week in Kansas City attending Quilt Market, a quilting industry convention that’s held in the spring and fall. I’ve already told you about my trip down to Market and my adventures on the first day (attending the Schoolhouse sessions and Sample Spree prior to the Market floor opening) and the second day (opening day at Market).

Day Three (Saturday) was the second day on the Market floor. Since I’d already met with many of my business contacts, I decided to relax and enjoy the show. As I wondered the floor, I tried to look for trends in the market.

The first thing that struck me was “whimsy.” For example, take a look at Elizabeth Hartman’s booth. It’s filled with whimsical animals, including adorable lemurs! I love those pieced, striped tails. The fabric leaves she used to decorate her booth added to the sense of fun and I was drawn in

Elizabeth has made her name creating patterns that feature pieced animals, so her booth wasn’t a surprise but it was still wonderfully whimsical none-the-less.

Whimsy is also Tula Pink’s calling card, and she didn’t fail with her charming Monkey Wrench fabric collection. Her booth is always a riot of color and it never fails to win an award.

Elizabeth and Tula weren’t the only designers playing in this sandbox however. Touches of youthful whimsy were everywhere at Market. Here are a few photos of Moda’s booth. Those pillows are panels and would make up so fast! Love the pockets with the babies.

Isn’t this lion adorable?

Here are some other whimsical displays I saw at Market. Those doxies are too cute!

I could totally see these penguins in little sweaters. And the tails on those kites! Too cute.

This floral quilt is so beautiful!

I simply love this whimsical sewing machine quilt from the Timeless Treasures booth. And those dump trucks are awesome!

Barbara Pershing’s “A Gathering” quilt is both whimsical and beautiful.

It was fun posing in front of the butterfly quilt in the Windham booth. “Be a butterfly and release your inner creative, whimsical soul,” it seemed to say. “Forget perfectly matched seams and pointy points and play with improv and bright colors, and just create!”

Showing off the new fabrics in shirts, dresses, and other clothing items was also a trend. Have you made a clothing item lately?

Cork fabric was there at Market, but this time it was not only dyed but printed! Some of the fabrics even had touches of gold and silver. Aren’t these purses gorgeous? And how about that table cloth and lamp? (Yes, all of that is cork.)

My next installment will cover Day Four (Sunday) at Market. On Day Four I spent the day with my husband, soaking in the wonder of it all one last time. Our first stop was the special exhibit of quilts.

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