Spring Quilt Market 2019 - Day Four

Since my return from the Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City, I’ve been reporting on my experiences there. Click here to read about my trip down to Market, my adventures on the first day (attending the Schoolhouse sessions and Sample Spree prior to the Market floor opening),the second day (opening day at Market), and the third day (day two of Market).

Day Four (Sunday) was the last day of Market. I took my husband on Sunday so he could experience the sights as well. We spent the day revisiting the booths I’d already checked out, and taking photos. Our first stop was the special exhibit, which was filled with award-winning quilts.

Here are some of the exhibit quilts that caught my eye.

Scott loved the exhibit and really enjoyed taking photos of the quilts for me.

After stopping by the exhibit, we browsed the rest of the aisles noting the trends. I shared some of these with you in my Day Three report. Be sure to check out that post if you want to see what’s coming to a quilt store near you!

Before heading out, we made a few purchases. The best one was this lamp for my sewing area. It’s halogen so it won’t get hot and man is it bright!

I don’t know about you, but these old eyes need as much light as possible. I consider this lamp the only purchase worth noting because it was the one that will affect my life the most!

Scott and I ended our day at Quilt Market tired but very happy. Our heads were filled with all that we’d seen and the lovely people we’d met.

Before we headed out of town, we stopped at a BBQ place nearby. I didn’t want to leave Kansas City without having tried their famous barbecue! We ate at a place called Jack Stack, which apparently has a high rating.

The place was located in an old building, with lots of architectural details both inside and out. The food was awesome, the service superb, and we had a great time.

Look at that brickwork! Lovely.

On the outside of the restaurant was this lovely garden patio. I would swear we took photos of it and the interior of the restaurant but I guess we were just too hungry! Oh well.

I hope you enjoyed my Market report. I had a blast!

Join me on Monday when I finally get around to listing my June goals. I suppose one of them should have been to make my goals earlier in the month. <grin>

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Tell me…when you visit a quilt show, do you take photos of the quilts? Do you take close ups as well? Do you review these photos later on for inspiration?

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