Stomp the Seal!

My daughter graduated from college this past weekend, and that made it an extra special Mother’s Day.

Katerina graduated from a small private liberal arts college in Ohio that’s full of lovely traditions—one of which is to “stomp the seal.” The seal of the school is set at the crossroads of two major sidewalks that cross the main lawn of the campus and the legend is that if you step on the seal while an undergraduate, you won’t graduate. So as freshman, they are led through the campus on a long tour that culminates at the seal where they are told of it’s history and given the warning not to step on it until they graduate. My daughter took this seriously as did her other classmates and reverently stepped around the seal anytime her path took her that way across campus.

At graduation, the newly christened alums take a shorter tour around Myers Hall (the original administration building) to the seal where they proudly stomp on it. Before graduation day, I got a photo Katerina pretending to avoid the seal. To avoid any accidents, the seal was covered at the beginning of commencement, then revealed just as the graduates rounded the corner to stomp on it and declare their intention to seize this bright new world that was opening before them.

Katerina is a quilter, but she hasn’t sewn much since she entered college. Now that she’s graduated I don’t know if she’ll suddenly take up quilting again since she’ll probably be busy looking for that perfect job while working towards her Masters, but I hope she comes back to it someday.

As beginning quilters, we often choose to avoid the “seals” others have laid before us such as these

  • Always press to the dark

  • Never attempt curved piecing/paper piecing/applique because it’s too hard

  • Don’t quilt your own quilts until you can do it perfectly and without any puckers

  • Always use fabrics like those shown on the pattern cover because if you choose what you like, you may mess up your quilt

I’m tired of seals, aren’t you? I say we should take a cue from the graduates of Katerina’s college and every once in a while, get brave and stomp that seal!

I can’t resist sharing how Katerina decorated her cap. It’s so her!

PS—-I leave soon for Kansas City and Quilt Market. Be sure to follow my blog as I share the latest and greatest in quilt fabrics, tools, and techniques straight from the Market floor!

Tell me…what “sealS” are you avoiding?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!