March Goals Recap

Although the weather hasn’t warmed up that much, March is out of here and it’s time for me to recap how I did at meeting my March goals.

  • Make progress on a quilt for my daughter. The Star Trek quilt I’m making for my daughter is being done in 12 parts, over the course of a year. The goal for March was to piece half of the large Enterprise block that’s featured in the center of the quilt, and I got that done, and I made progress on the April goal which is to piece the second half.

  • Make a Vintage Reimagined quilt for the March Island Batik challenge. The challenge for March was to take a vintage quilt and use it as inspiration to make make something new. I got this one done too, making a modern version of a double-wedding ring quilt. You can read more about it here.

  • Make progress on the January Island Batik Getaway Blog Hop challenge—Despite my modest goal (to finish the top by fusing the appliques in place), I didn’t make it. I got most of the appliques fused and stitched in place, but not all of them.

  • Create a new pattern for Timeless Treasures. Timeless Treasures recently selected one of my designs for a free download pattern, so my goal was to get it written and submitted for publishing. Got this one done but I can’t show you the pattern yet since the fabric collection has not yet been released.

  • Host two blocks for the Sew Let’s QAL. Got this one done too! I made Block 1, but not Block 2. However, I created the tutorials I wanted to, and now they are available on my Tutorials page.

    Block 1 was a Sewing Machine. Click here to learn more about it. For Block 1, I created a tutorial for the stem and outline embroidery stitches.

Block 2 was a Quilter’s Mug. Click here to learn more about the block. I didn’t make Block 2, but I did create a tutorial on printing on fabric for it.

So those were my goals for March. Let’s see how I did:

I had 5 goals and got 4.5 of them done. That’s 90%

I’ll be publishing my April goals on Monday. Come back then to see what I’ll be working on in March!

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tell me...what are your goals this month?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!