What's Up - Designing a Quilt for Katerina

My daughter Katerina ia graduating from college in May, and I decided to make her a quilt. We have a challenge at the shop where I work, to finish or make progress on WIPs each month. Rather than pick 12 different projects, I decided to choose Katerina’s quilt and break it up into 12 parts.

I know. This means she won’t get the quilt until the end of the year. <sob> But it also means she’ll actually get the quilt at the end of the year! <grin>

My daughter, like me, is a nerd and a big Star Trek fan. Ages ago on a trip out West, I found a quilt store that had a lot of Star Trek fabric so I bought some of each one with the intention of making a quilt for Katie. Well,Now’s the time!

My first step was to design the thing. So Month 1, I created two plans, shown here on the left. Month 2, I met with Katerina and she told me what changes she wanted to see. and I came up with a final plan, shown here on the right.

The plan calls for me to create a gigantic Enterprise across the middle of the quilt. I’m using scraps of red, blue and gold, the colors of the various commands on ship. For Month 3, I made half of the Enterprise. For Month’s 4 challenge, I’ll finish it.

I have lots of stars and galaxy fabrics (yeah, no surprise!) and I really love the one we chose for the background of the Enterprise.

Fabric pull 5.jpg

The large blocks in the quilt will be filled with these fabrics, plus my scrappy blues, reds, and golds.

So I can knock off a March goal (to piece half the Enterprise section) and it’s just barely March. Yeah for me!

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Tell me…are you a Star Trek fan? Are you a fan of another classic?