Announcing a New Quilt Along from Partners in Design!

Today I’m excited to announce that in just two weeks the Partners in Design will be presenting a new mystery quilt along!

In case you don’t know us, me and my Partners in Design have previously hosted a Christmas quilt along called the I Wish You a Merry Quilt Along and a fall themed quilt along called the Fall into Quilt Along.

So what is the theme for our new quilt along?


Sewing and Quilting of course!

Excited? Man, I sure am.

To make things even more exciting, we are changing things up this time so even if you’ve never done a quilt along before, you are absolutely going to want to do one now!

So Who are the Partners in Design?

Partners in Design is a group of quilt pattern designers who are working together to create a place for friends and fabric to meet up in creative fun.

Let me introduce you!

Bobbi @ Snowy Days Quilting

April @ JANDA Bend Quilts

Sandy @ SandyStar Designs

Sherry @ Powered By Quilting

Sandra @ Sandra Healy Designs

Kathleen @ Kathleen McMusing

Abbie @ Sparkle On!

Becca @ Pretty Piney Quilts

Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter (that’s me!)

Karen @ Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats

Laura @ Slice of Pi Quilts

So How Is This Quilt Along Going to Work?

First of all, there will be 13 blocks in this quilt along. Twelve blocks will finish at 12” square, and one larger block will finish at 18” x 24”.

The quilt along will begin in two weeks, on Tuesday, March 12th at 12 AM EST, with the release of the first block pattern. A new block will be released every two weeks until we’re done.

The difference with the quilt along this time is that the blocks are being released in segments, with prizes for participating being awarded after each segment.

Like before, there will be hosts who will be quilting along with you, offering you their version of the block, along with pro-quilter tips and suggestions for making each block successfully. There will be a variety of techniques used, so by participating you’ll stretch your creativity and may even pick up a new trick or two.

What if I Need Help on a Block?

As before, the hosts will help with your blocks. If you need help constructing a block, we’re there for you. Each time a block is released, each of the hosts will post their personal tips and techniques for making the block. They will also share their fabric choices and personal touches. Talk about an idea factory!

If you’ve got questions, you can post them in our Facebook group, day or night, and get an answer from one of our many hosts located around the globe or one of your fellow quilters. Wanna know if your fabric choices are good? Wanna check if that red piece goes on top of the blue piece or under it? Post a question and get an answer.

Back to How the QAL Will Work

Some of the hosts are planning on making quilts, so at the end of the quilt along, the Quilt Hosts will provide you with suggestions on how to lay out your blocks. With one block that’s 18” by 24”, you might place it in the center and arrange the other 12 blocks around it, with borders or sashing between them as you see fit. Or you might decide to place the larger block on the side instead of the center, and arrange the other blocks above, below, and to the side of it. The possibilities are endless and with our Quilt Hosts leading the way, you’ll get no end of inspiration for making a quilt using all 13 blocks.

Planning on making projects instead of a quilt? No problem! Some of the hosts (including me) will be making projects right along with you! At the end of each segment, the Project Hosts will share their suggestions on how to use your blocks in a project or two!

In addition, as you finish projects (regardless of when) we encourage you to share a photo of it in our private Facebook group and on Instagram with the hashtag #SewLetsQAL

There are Prizes Too? Tell Me More!

As I said, block patterns will be released every two weeks, in three separate segments. To be eligible for a Segment Prize (the prize that’s given at the end of a particular segment) you’ll need to make all the blocks in that segment and post a photo or photos of your blocks (in one single post) to one of these places:

To be eligible for the Grand Prize at the end of the quilt along, you’ll need to sew all 13 blocks into a quilt top (the quilt does not have to be quilted), or use all 13 blocks in a project or projects such as a table runner, wall hanging, or tote. It doesn’t matter how many projects or what projects you make, or how many blocks you use in each project as long as you show that you’ve used all 13 blocks in a finished project or projects.

Special note: To keep the contest portion of the quilt-along fair and fun for everyone, only quilters that use all of the designers' blocks (in a quilt or project(s)) will be eligible for the Grand Prize. Likewise, our Segment Prizes will only be open to those that make all of the designers’ blocks in that segment.

Time to Thank Our Sponsors!

Here are our generous sponsors, who are donating some really amazing prizes!

Timeless Treasures

Dear Stella


Everything Mary

Island Batik

Shabby Fabrics

Warm Company


In addition, many of my fellow designers (including me!) are donating our own patterns as prizes. So if you like prizes, this is the quilt along for you!

Note: The prize giveaways are open to all participants, even international ones! However, you must be 18 years old to enter.

The Quilt Along Schedule

I know you have a lot of things to do, and we value your time. If you quilt along with us, I promise you’ll have tons of fun, learn new things, make new friends and get inspired every day by your fellow quilters.

The quilt along begins in two weeks, on Tuesday, March 12th and runs until September 24th. Here’s the schedule for the quilt along, the names of the designer for each block, and the date when each block will be released.

Note: Block patterns will be released every two weeks at 12:00 AM on the date listed. Block patterns will be available for free from the designers until the date of the Grand Prize announcement.

Segment 1: March 12th to May 21st

Segment 2: May 21st to July 16th

Segment 3: July 16th to September 10th

September 24th - Grand Prize Winner Announced and last day to get the block patterns for free.

Who’ll Be Hosting?

This time, there will be some full-time hosts and some part-time hosts. Like before, you’ll visit the blog of the designer to get their block pattern when it’s released. Also like before, you’ll visit the hosts to see their version of the blocks and to get their tips for making it.

Project Hosts

There are three full-time hosts making projects. Visit any of them for inspiration on the types of projects you can make.

Sandy @ SandyStar Designs

Abbie @ Sparkle On!

Karen @ Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats

In addition, there are part-time hosts for each segment. Visit them during their segment for inspiration and project suggestions.

Segment 1: March 12th to May 21st

Sandra @ Sandra Healy Designs

Kathleen @ Kathleen McMusing

Segment 2: May 21st to July 16th

Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter (that’s me!)

Segment 3: July 16th to September 10th

Kathleen @ Kathleen McMusing

Quilt Hosts

Making a quilt and not a series of projects? There are four full-time Quilt Hosts ready to provide setting suggestions for finishing your quilt. Visit them at the end of the quilt along for suggestions on how to set your blocks together.

Bobbi @ Snowy Days Quilting

Sherry @ Powered by Quilting

April @ JANDA Bend Quilts

Becca @ Pretty Piney Quilts

So What Do I Need to Do to Join the QAL?

First, I’d gather your fabrics. Since the QAL is sewing and quilting themed, you may want to gather up your novelty fabrics. I’m making projects and not a quilt, so I am not worrying too much right now about all the fabrics going together. Instead, I’m looking for fabrics that speak to me. Here are a few.

I also pulled a rainbow of solids I might use with my favorite fabrics.

Because the quilt along is sewing themed, I pulled my sewing themed fabrics….

…and my bee fabrics too!

Note: If you’re looking for yardages, we estimate that you’ll need about 2 yards for the block backgrounds, about 1/2 yard each of brown, black, and grey; and about 8 assorted prints and solids about 1 FQ or less each.

After you’ve pulled your fabrics, be sure to drop by my blog every other Tuesday beginning March 12th. I won’t be hosting blocks, but I will be posting the information you’ll need to find that week’s block pattern. In addition, I’m planning on creating step-by-step photo tutorials to help you master the techniques needed to make each of the blocks.

You’ll find the ways to follow me at the top of my sidebar. For example, you might sign up for my newsletter so you’ll get notified when a new block is released.

In addition…

  • Again if you’re on Facebook, you should join our Partners in Design group. Share your fabric selections, blocks, projects/quilt in the group! We’d love to see. You can also follow me on Facebook at Inquiring Quilter and join my private Quilting with the Inquiring Quilter group to receive updates

  • If you’re on Instagram, start using the hashtag #SewLetsQAL to get your friends excited too! Use it when you post a photo of your fabric pull, then later when you finish a block or a project. Let’s fill Instagram with #SewLetsQAL photos! If you like, you can follow me on Instagram too, at Inquiring Quilter

  • Also, if you’re on Instagram, be sure to follow the #SewLetsQAL hashtag too, so you’ll see everyone’s photos!

Finally, get your scissors sharpened, your sewing machine oiled, and your rotary cutter blade changed. Then rev up for a fun filled quilt along!

Last Thoughts

Share the news!

The more people who participate, the more fun this quilt along will be. Remember, you don’t have to make a quilt to participate—you can make some smaller projects instead.

So please invite your friends to our quilt along by posting our quilt along button to Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere. Just right click this button and choose Save Picture As to save it. Then share it everywhere with a link to my special quilt along page so your friends can read all about it.

Here’s a link to my quilt along page.

Be sure to follow me so you can keep up with the quilt along schedule and where to go for each block.

See you March 12th!

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tell me…will you be joining us?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!