Fall into a QAL: Block 10 Patchwork Pickles

Welcome to Block 10 of the Fall Into a QAL, a mystery quilt along by Partners in Design.

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The tenth block in our quilt along was designed by Sandra @ Sandra Healy Designs and it’s canning jars filled with carrots and pears!

I’ve never done much canning, I must admit. I do however have wonderful memories of helping my mother make strawberry preserves, after a beautiful day spent picking them fresh at a local you-pick-it farm.

We had a small vegetable garden when Kate was little, and it was then that I learned the process of freezing vegetables and storing them in freezer bags. That’s as far as my “canning experience” has ever gone. I guess I’m just not a canner.

Here's my version of the block.

This block uses flip corners, raw-edge fusible applique, and embroidery to create the canning jars. If you’ve never used these techniques before--no worries! As a quilt along host, I’m here to help.

My Fabric Pull for This Block

I had several goals for this block. As usual, I wanted to make sure that the background I chose for this block complimented the other background fabrics I've already used in my quilt. Since last time I used a dark background, it was time for a block with a light background.

Here’s my initial fabric pull.

Second, I had this carrot fabric that I wanted to use as the background for the large jar. I couldn’t find any pear fabric but I did find a lovely rose fabric with the right coloring that I thought would be perfect for simulating pears.

And I found an awesome gray fabric for the jar lids! And since my background fabric also contained gray, I decided to use a light gray for the canning jar label, and a dark gray thread for the embroidery.

After pulling fabric for my block, I laid it out as it would be used to see how the final block would look.

Finally, I checked my fabric selection with the blocks I've already made to ensure everything is going to go together..

Block Tips

Here are my tips for making the block:

  • Flip corners are easy if you keep a few things in mind. First, take the time to carefully mark the diagonal line on the back of all of the flip corner squares. I use a regular pencil, a small ruler, and a sandboard.

  • Instead of sewing right on the line you've drawn, sew just a bit to the right of it (closer to the corner) as you see here. Sewing the seam just a bit short of center makes a bit more room for the fold, so when you press the flip square back towards the corner it will fit perfectly.

  • With flip corners, you typically trim the seam allowance after pressing the corner back.There are two schools of thought with this. If you don't trim, then you always have the bottom fabric (which is cut to size) to help you construct the block properly. If you do trim the seam allowance, you will have a lot less bulk in the seams. I make sure first that the flipped fabric covers the corner completely, then I trim the seam allowances.

  • After I pieced the background, I trimmed it to 12-1/2” to be sure it was square. Then I was ready for the applique.

  • With the applique, first print out the templates. Use the 1” square to ensure they are the correct size. Print at 100% and DO NOT scale the pattern to fit.

As you know, I use the Crafted Applique method for my fusible applique. This method fuses the edges of your applique shapes so they won't fray. It also replaces fusible, so the steps I follow are a bit different than you would use with raw-edge fusible applique.

  • I love my mini clips and use them for everything! Because I’m not using fusible with the Crafted Applique method, I cut the fabric out using the paper templates (rather than tracing the templates onto the back of my fusible.) To cut out my applique shapes, I just clip the template to the fabric and start cutting. I move the clips out of the way as needed, but the clips give me an extra set of fingers.

  • Typically, I like to assemble my applique shape on a pressing sheet, then move it to the block as a whole unit. I didn’t do that for this block however, since it made more sense to fuse each piece separately. That way I could stitch around the edge of each piece without interruption. After stitching, I fused the next piece in place and then edge-stitched it down.

Here are the threads I used on my block: Aurifil 50 wt #2150 (Pumpkin), #5015 (Gold Yellow), #2132 (Tarnished Gold); Wonderfil Invisifil 100 wt #703 (Tangerine); Sulky 40 wt #1168 (True Orange), Gutermann 50 wt #8780 (Olive Drab); Wonderfil Konfetti 50 wt #KT402 (Drab Orange); and Sulky Cotton & Steel 50 wt #753 1328 (Nickel Grey).

Finally, I needed to make the label. I went with a light gray for the fabric since there were a lot of gray elements in my block. I did not cut the label shape, but instead cut a rectangle. Then I marked the words, and fused a lightweight interfacing to the back to stabilize it.

I decided to use a Stem Stitch for my embroidery, and six strands because I really wanted the writing to stand out. I’ve made a tutorial to help you out if you’d like to use the Stem Stitch too.

After stitching, I trimmed the rectangle to 1-1/2” wide, then used the 45-degree line on my ruler to cut the pointed end.

If you have any questions while making this block, feel free to post them here in the comments. Just be sure to enter an email address when prompted so I can get back to you quickly.

My Quilt So Far

Here are my ten quilt blocks. I'm really happy with how this is coming along.

Where do i get the block pattern?

Drop by Sandra's blog to download your free Patchwork Pickles block pattern.

Visit the other hosts if you want to see their versions of this block and gather ideas for your own version. Here are the hosts:

Abbie at Sparkle On
April at JANDA Bend Quilts
Bobbi at Snowy Days Quilting
Jennifer at The Inquiring Quilter
Karen at Tu-Na Quilts, Travels and Eats
Sherry at Powered by Quilting
Vanda at Quilting with Vanda

If you want to see the schedule for the quilt along and the list of block designers, click here.

How Do I Enter the Giveaway?

First, you must be 18 years old to enter. Then, to enter the Patchwork Pickles block giveaway simply make the block and post it in one of these three places before the deadline.

You have until Monday, December 1st at 11:59 pm EST to post your block for a chance to win this awesome prize package—a $25 gift certificate from Fort Worth Fabric Studio and a free PDF pattern of your choice from Sandra @ Sandra Healy Designs.

Please help us support our QAL sponsors. Please visit Fort Worth Fabric Studio and sign up for their newsletter. You’ll get updates on new items, sales, and promotions.

On Tuesday, October 2nd be sure to come back here for the next block in our quilt along!

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A Special thank-you to our sponsors

The Final Grand prize package for our quilt along will be announced October 16th. 

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Tell me...did you have a vegetable garden? what did you do with the excess?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!