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Last week I worked on the current block for my online bee, Bee Inspired. It was Ann's turn in February, and she chose this block.

The process for making the block is extraordinarily simple. You start with some scraps. Ann wanted brights in her block, so I piled up my bright scraps. I have a lot of scraps already cut to about 2", so I mostly used them.

Sew the strips together, then trim to 2". Ann sewed her strips to a muslin strip cut to 2" wide, but I just sewed my scraps together end-to-end since I happen to have precut 2" wide scraps. The length of the strips you need depend on how you want to angle them in the block.

To insert the strips in the block, you cut at an angle. I laid a strip across my block, then used my ruler to make the cut. Ann wants to end up with a 12-1/2" block unfinished, so I started with a 14-1/2" square of white.

Make your cut, then sew the block to one side of the strip and then the either. I then trimmed the excess strip.

If you want to add a second strip, make another cut. You sew as before to insert the strip, except there's one thing to keep in mind. The trick is to make the second part of the first strip align with with first part.

To do that, I simply marked the seam allowance on the back of the new strip, and then pinned the other side of the block using those two points so that the first strip lined up on both sides of the second strip.

After sewing the second strip into the block, it looked like this.

Ann said we should add at least 2 strips to our block, but we could add more if we wanted. I decided to add a third strip. I followed the same procedure as before--slice at an angle, sew one side, then mark and pin to sew the other.

Finally, I trimmed the block to 12-1/2". Now all that's left is to mail it off. I wonder what her final quilt will look like--will she add sashing? Will she add alternate blocks? Or will she set all the blocks together in a colorful roadway map?

What would you do?

Well that's what I've been up to! Let's see who made the weekly feature.

Wednesday Wait Loss

The weather here has been quite spring-like the last few days, and I'm so looking to the change of season. With that in mind, the Easter Bunny table runner that Vicki @ Vicki's Crafts and Quilting caught my eye.

Vicki easter tablerunner 4.jpg

Isn't that bunny adorable? And the border print is perfect!

Congratulations Vicki! Here's an I Was Featured badge for your blog.

Wednesday Wait Loss Featured

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