Celebrating Local Quilt Stores: Inspiration

This week Island Batik Ambassadors like me are partnering with local quilt shops to encourage everyone to shop local. You see, this Saturday is Local Quilt Shop Day! Always in Stitches (a local quilt shop at which I work) is celebrating with a sale and other events in the store, and they are helping me promote Local Quilt Shop Day.

In my series, I've discussed local quilt shops and...

Please read the posts listed above and comment! I really want to hear what's going on at your local quilt shop and what you enjoy about it. While browsing the posts, be sure to look out for the giveaways! (You're chances of winning are pretty good--so don't forget to enter!)

Today I want to talk about all the inspiration you can find at your local quilt shop. For me, that's what makes the trip to a shop really worth it. Sure, they may or may not have the fabric, pattern, or special ruler I'm looking for, but they always have an ongoing Show and Tell to inspire you!

Like most shops, Always in Stitches has tons of special displays throughout the store. For every quilt displayed, we have either a pattern or a kit right there for you to pick up if you are so inspired. I should probably mention here before I forget that Always in Stitches has an online shop if you see something in these photos that inspires you.

Anyway, if you come visit, be sure to look up! The store is filled with quilts running above the bolts of fabrics and quilting tools.

Seasonal displays are a good part of any quilt store, and they are there to inspire you to enjoy the season!

I'd be remiss if I didn't share this special display of Island Batiks and Funky Friends patterns in the store. The shop is going to get a traveling display of new batiks from Island Batik soon, and we're setting up for that.

I'm making several samples using Island Batiks so be sure to watch for those in upcoming posts.

So what kinds of displays inspire you at your local quilt store? Please leave me a comment--I'd love to hear!

Tomorrow I'll complete my series on local quilt stores by showing you some photos from their Local Quilt Shop Day event. There will be one last giveaway, so be sure to stop by!

Meanwhile, be sure to read my other posts and enter the giveaways. You'll find links below, in the You Might Also Like section.

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what inspires you at your local quilt shop? Please share!


I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!