It’s My Day on the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop!

Welcome to my day on the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop! The hop is filled with great ideas and patterns for gifts and decor you can make for Christmas, so you sure don’t want to miss it. The hop is also filled with awesome fabric giveaways, so be sure to enter by visiting the participating blogs and leaving a comment. You’ll find a list of participating blogs at the end of this post.

Thanks to our host, Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict! This hop has been wonderful thanks to you! Sarah is hosting a quilt along during the hop so be sure to visit Sarah’s blog each day of the hop not only for the next steps in building her wonderful quilt, but to also leave a comment each day for the giveaway.

So without further ado, here is my project for the hop—the Merry Berry Ornamental Table Runner.

Here are the fabric requirements:

Background – 1/2 yard

Gold – (1) fat eighth, or scraps

Ornaments – (1) fat quarter each, or scraps

Border—1/4 yard

Binding—1/4 yard

Backing—1 1/4 yards



               (12) 3” squares

               (5) 8 1/4” squares, cut once diagonally

               (6) 7/8” squares

               (6) 2 1/8” squares

               (2) 4 1/2” squares, cut once diagonally


               (3) 1 3/4” x 2” rectangles

               (3) 7/8” x 1 1/4” rectangles


               (1) 10 1/4” square for each ornament (3 total needed)


               (2) 2” x 36 1/2” strips

               (2) 2” x 15 1/2” strips


               (3) 2-1/4” x WOF strips


               (1) 21” x 45” rectangle

Creating the Ornament Blocks – Finish 12”

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the back of (4) Background 3” squares. Place (1) Background square on top of a corner of (1) Ornament 10 1/4” square, RST. Sew on drawn line. Trim the seam allowance to 1/4”. Press back, forming the corner. Repeat for each corner.

Sew (1) Background 8 1/4” triangle to the (3) sides of the square as shown. Press.

To assemble the remaining corner, sew (1) Background 7/8” square to either side of (1) Gold 7/8” x 1 1/4” rectangle. Sew (1) Gold 1 3/4” x 2” rectangle to the bottom of the unit.

Sew (1) Background 2 1/8” x 5 1/4” rectangle to either side of the unit. Position (1) Background 4 1/2” triangle in the middle of the top side of the unit as shown, then stitch and press the triangle back towards the corner to complete the Corner Unit.

Sew the Corner Unit on the remaining corner to complete (1) Ornament Block. Square to 12 1/2”. Repeat the steps to complete (3) Ornament Blocks.

Completing the Table Runner

Sew the (3) Ornament Blocks together. Notice the rotation of the blocks.

Sew (1) Border rectangle to each side of Quilt Center. Sew (1) Border Rectangle to top/bottom of Quilt Center.

Layer backing, batting, and quilt top. Baste, quilt as desired and bind. Decorate your table, sit back and relax because you're ready for the holidays!

What I love most about this pattern is that you can personalize the ornaments however you like. For example, notice that I kept one simple, added stripes to another, and applique and a stripe to the last one. If you decide to modify your ornaments like I did, just make sure you end up with a 10 1/4” square before starting the blocks.

I quilted my table runner in the ditch around the ornaments and on either side of the ornament stripes. I also quilted the stripes with soft curves. For the plain ornament block I quilted "stripes" into it.

The background was quilted with simple holly motifs. To do that, I sketched out two holly leaves (one big, one small) then pinned them to the quilt and simply quilted around them then quilted a vine down the middle.

On the back of the table runner I used a light Christmas fabric that shows the quilting beautifully. I chose a contrasting binding because I happen to like that.

I really loved making this table runner. It went together easily and the quilting was a breeze!

 Here are the quilt details:

"Feeling Ornamental"
15” x 39”
Original Design
Merry Berry Ornamental Table Runner
Fabrics: Christmas scrap fabrics
Batting: Warm and White
Piecing Thread: Aurifil 50 wt #5011Rope Beige
Quilting Thread: Sulky 40 wt #1082 Ecru, #1103 Dark Khaki, #1137 Yellow Orange, #1156 Lt. Army Green, #1169 Bayberry Red
Pieced and quilted by: Jennifer Fulton

If you like my ornament block, you can make it into a quilt! Yep, I have a free pattern for a quilt sized 75” x 85” that features the lovely Merry Berry and Bright fabric collection from RJR Fabrics. Merry Berry and Bright fabrics should be in your local quilt stores now.

Click here to download my Merry Berry Ornamental pattern. Be sure to check out my other free giftable tutorials. If you like this tutorial, I invite you to follow me! You'll find all the ways you can do that (such as my email newsletter, Bloglovin' and Facebook) at the top of my sidebar. I offer free tutorials and patterns quite often, along with fabric giveaways. In fact, be sure to check out my Wednesday Wait Loss this week because yep, there's a fabulous fabric giveaway!

As promised, here is the list of blogs to visit each day of the hop. To make it easier to find this list each day, look for the blog hop button on my sidebar. Be sure to leave a comment when you visit each blog to enter the fabric giveaway! And don’t forget to visit Sarah’s blog every day of the hop and leave a comment for extra chances to win.

Here’s the schedule for the hop.


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Jan @ The Colorful Fabriholic


Pampered Pettit

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Kathy @ Kathy’s Kwilts and More

Selina @ Selina Quilts


Moira @ The Quilted Snail

Mel @ Cloth and Paper Studio


Jennifer @ The Inquiring Quilter (that’s me!)

Anja @ Anja Quilts


Tracie @ Riceford Streams

Marion @ Seams to Be Sew


Katie @ Katie Mae Quilts

Susan @ QuiltFabrication


Mary @ Made by Marney

Sherry @ Selina Quilts


Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Karrin @ Karrin’s Crazy World


Christina @ Christina’s Handicrafts

Brandy @ Everyone Deserves a Quilt

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I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally! DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS IF YOU WANT TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!!!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally! DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS IF YOU WANT TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!!!