Furry Fridays Week 3

Welcome back to Furry Friday! This week’s episode is brought to you by Island Batik. Thanks Island Batik for supporting the Small Kennel Quilt team and its mission to provide aid to animal rescues.

In case you’re new to Furry Fridays, their purpose is to introduce you to a couple of cutie pies in hopes that you’ll provide them with a forever home. If you can’t do that, please consider making kennel quilts to provide comfort to rescue animals.

This week is my week to talk about my experiences with rescue animals. When I was a kid, we had a wonderful dog named Shamrock, or Sham for short. Sham was a mutt—some kind of German Shephard mix. Dad used to look at Sham every day in the pet store window on his way home from work. One day that ol’ pup just climbed into Dad’s arms and we had ourselves a dog!

Shamrock and some of the crew. I'm the one on the left petting Sham's um, rear.

When Sham was getting old, someone stopped their car near our house and threw out a dog. My brothers saw this and immediately gathered the dog up. Mom said we could only keep her a few days until Dad could take her to the pound. Needless to say, within minutes my little brothers had given her a name (Sandy) and we had another dog! Sandy was wonderful with Sham who was losing her eyesight and slowing down. Sandy kept Sham active and gave her many more years of life.

Sandy, Heather (my Aunt Betty's first Scotty dog), and our beloved Shamrock.

It was these early experiences that taught me how wonderful rescue pets could be (granted, Shamrock wasn’t a rescue, but she was a wonderful non-pedigreed beauty). When it came my time to choose a pet, I choose a cat because they make easy pets, especially in apartments. My first cat was Eowyn (Winnie), named after a character in Lord of the Rings. Eowyn was a tabby, and she ended up going with my roommate when I had to move to another city because she’d bonded with her cat and also because cats generally don’t like moving.

Soon after moving, I got Maddie and Nikki. Maddie was also a tabby just like Winnie. Maddie however, thought she was a dog. She’d follow me like a little puppy, and when I came home from work, she’d greet me at the door, her tail all fluffed out in greeting. Nikki was a tortoiseshell and very wise. Maddie was the attention seeker, but Nikki knew better. She knew she only had to wait a tiny bit, and Maddie would got bored. Then Nikki would sneak onto my lap and get all the pampered petting she wanted.

Nikki, Maddie, and an escapee from the 80's

Nikki, Maddie, and an escapee from the 80's

Lucy was my next rescue, and our first cat as a family. Lucy was sweet loving kitty. She was silent, thoughtful, and incredibly picky about who she made friends with. I know it pleased my daughter very much that one by one, Lucy made friends with every one of Katerina's friends. We lost Lucy recently and I felt like I’d never be able to find a cat as wonderful as her.

Lucy, giving me "the look".

Lucy, giving me "the look".

Then I met Zora. Zora has been through a lot, finally getting rescued and adopted when she was about five. Zora did well in her new home until a baby came and took her place. Then she ended up back in the rescue center. Zora has lost a lot of teeth due to poor early health care, but she eats well anyway. She is talkative, affectionate, and in your face wonderful. We are so glad we adopted her. Or did she adopt us?

Zora is settling in...on my bed! Enough said.

Have you ever adopted a rescue animal? I can tell you from personal experience, they are the best! Here are two for you to consider.

Up first is Tucker. Tucker is a 9 week old husky/shepherd mix. Tucker may have some hearing loss because he always seems to tilt his head. But he is friendly and cuddly and will be available for adoption in the next few weeks after he gets that hearing thing checked out.

Next up is Penny. Penny is a light tortoiseshell. From personal experience with tortoiseshells, I can tell you they are smart, quiet, and sweet. Penny is 5 years old, which is young for a cat. Penny did well in a home filled with other cats and dogs, but she would probably like it best if she were the only cat. I know my Nikki would have liked that, but since I also had Maddie, she tolerated her without incident and mostly was super chill. Still, Nikki would have liked it better solo.

Help us spread the word about these wonderful rescues who deserve to find a forever home. If you find that you can’t adopt either of these furry cuties, you can still help by making kennel quilts, like the ones Lucy is modeling here. Kennel quilts are designed to fit inside small pet carriers to provide an extra layer of comfort to animals rescued after a disaster.

Come back next Friday for another Furry Friday when I will feature two more rescues. In the meantime, you can visit the other Island Ambassadors who are hosting Furry Friday this week and learn about their pets.

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Tell me…what’s your rescue story?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!