Wednesday Wait Loss 1 and a Giveaway Winner

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Wait Loss linky party! Here, we’re going to help each other get over the WAIT and finally finish some of our WIPs or begin those challenging projects we’ve put off even starting!

Wednesday Wait Loss

I want everyone to benefit from our Wednesday Wait Loss, so I’ve set it up so you’ll be able to link up a blog post, Instagram or Flickr photo, or upload a photo of your project direct from your computer. In return, you’re encouraged to visit a few of the links and to reply to some of the comments here and leave a word of encouragement. Pretty easy, right?

To encourage you all to link up by visiting today, I had a giveaway! On Monday I reviewed a wonderful group of current and upcoming fabric collections by Windham Fabrics. If you missed the eye candy, click here to read that post.

A lot of you did read that post and entered to win this amazing collection of fabrics called “Tall Ships.” As usual, I assigned a number to each entry, then used to generate a winner. Some of you mentioned that you follow me on social media and earned extra entries and I numbered those too. Anyway, without further ado, the winner is….

Pam Arbour!

Thanks everyone for entering. Pam, have fun watching your mailbox! <grin>

If you don’t already, be sure to follow me because I’ll be having other giveaways from time to time. You’ll find a smorgasbord of ways to follow me in my sidebar, at the top of this post.

Now let’s have some fun while getting those pesky WIPs off our To-Do list!

Just a few of my many, many unfinished projects.

Just a few of my many, many unfinished projects.

To participate today, you can link up a photo from a blog post, Instagram, Flickr, or upload one directly from your computer if you don’t happen to be a blogger or Instagram/Flickr user. Your photo can be a WIP you want encouragement to finish or a project you’ve always wanted to tackle but just can’t seem to start. No more waiting!

Feel free in later weeks to post a photo of your finishes plus a photo of your new WIP project (two links).

After linking up, encourage the other participants by visiting a few of the linkable photos and also by commenting on a few of the comments below from people who upload directly from their computers.

I’ll lead off by showing you a project I need to finish.

These are my President’s blocks. I was President of my local guild back in 2011, and as a thank you, several members made me these blocks. I love them because they are signed and they will always remind me of that memorable year.

Well, these blocks have been sitting in a box for years. One time, I even took them to a quilt retreat and spent hours arranging them on a design wall looking for the perfect arrangement. I took photos to remind me of each arrangement but I didn’t sew any of the blocks together. Fast forward three or four more years, and well, it’s crunch time again. You see, in February our guild honors our past Presidents. Each President shows off her finished quilt or her blocks. I’ve been showing my blocks for years and I decided (because of this linky party) to finally start putting them together. That’s how they ended up on my design wall. So encouragement please! Our guild meeting is tomorrow and I really, really want to get these things sewn together so I have something real to show.

After I piece together this puppy, I want to quilt it and put it in our biannual Guild Quilt Show, which just happens to be this year. So please, lie to me and tell me I’ll get this done. Then enter your own project below.

Wednesday Wait Loss

Let’s review the rules of the game in detail:

  • First, link up a blog post, Instagram or Flickr photo, or photo from your computer that features a WIP you’ve recently returned to after a long hiatus, a finished project you’ve finally completed after what seems like years, or a new project you’ve always wanted to make. Although you can link up multiple projects if you like, let’s try to limit this to no more than three links per week so we can really focus and get things done!
  • To link to a blog post, paste the link to that post (and not to your blog's Home page) in the Link box, enter your name under Link Title, enter your Email, and select a photo.
  • To link to an Instagram photo, paste your Instagram URL (such as in the Link box. Enter your name under Link Title and enter your Email. Click the IG tab on the left and select the photo you want to link to. Please include the hashtag #WedWaitLoss when posting your image to Instagram.
  • To link to a Flickr photo, paste your Flickr URL (such as in the Link box. Type your name in the Link Title box and enter an Email. Select a photo.
  • To upload a photo from your computer, enter your name in the Link Title box and an Email. Click the Upload tab, select the file on your computer and click OK. Select a photo. After you've created your link, leave a comment below that tells us a bit about the project you uploaded a photo to. Your comment will allow us to reply and leave our encouragement!
  • Please link back to my post somewhere in your blog post or use @inquiringquilter to tag me in your Instagram/Flickr post.
  • Finally, after linking up, please visit at least 2 of the links to blogs/Instagram/Flickr and leave an encouraging comment. Also, since some of our participants are not bloggers or Instagram/Flickr users (you can tell because their pictures won't be linkable) please select at least 2 of these non-links and reply to their comment below.
  • REMINDER: Put your name in the Link Title box so we can get to know you better. If you're a blogger, you can enter the name of your blog too!

The linky will be open until Friday, February 10th at midnight EST. I hope you’ll join us!

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I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!