Lucy and the Kennel Quilts


This month the Island Batik Ambassadors were asked to make kennel quilts for TPQM Small Kennel Quilt Team. Kennel quilts are small, 12” x 18” quilts that fit inside pet carriers and provide comfort to animals that have survived disasters.

I made two kennel quilts using my Island Batiks. Aren't the colors scrumptious?

For this first one, I used my Heartbeat pattern and my Island Batiks Stash Builders.

I quilted it with straight lines in the red-purple-blue-green areas using Signature Pixelles 30 wt. variegated thread #M27 Gems. I quilted with straight lines in the yellow-orange areas and the background of the heart using Superior Threads Rainbows 40 wt. variegated thread in #812 Western Sunset. I used a curly design for the heart, quilting it with Signature Pixelles 30 wt. variegated thread #M36 Pink Ombre.



This next one I created using a heart block and a checkerboard border. I again used my Island Batiks Stash Builders, and for the background, #121622035 Bubble Hole Honey, from their Happy Harvest collection.

I quilted this one using Aurifil 50 wt. variegated thread #4150 Creme Brule. I quilted the border in an easy corner to corner pattern. The background was quilted with a curly meander with an occasional heart motif thrown in. The heart was quilted the same way as before.




While making my kennel quilts, my sweet Lucy took ill with kidney failure. With some intervention, we were able to keep her comfortable for a long weekend of goodbyes. I’ll be forever grateful for that. I'm also grateful to have had the kennel quilt project this month, as making the quilts helped my heart to heal.

I think Lucy makes a fabulous model, don’t you?

Aka Loose Wheel, Rattlebritches, or Princess Lu, Lucy was a perfect little fluff of love. She loved finding and hoarding sun patches wherever they would appear.

She also enjoyed massaging and kneading her humans until they formed perfect napping places.

Mr. Fire was Lucy's friend and even in the summer, she would gaze longingly into the fireplace waiting for him to reappear.

At Christmastime, Lucy loved to sit on the Christmas lights as Scott meticulously repaired them. I don’t know if she liked the tiny amount of heat they gave off, or if they reminded her of the fire. She also liked gazing into the Christmas tree.

Lucy enjoyed playing in the bags we used for light storage and well, simply hiding in general.

Lucy would often spend time in my sewing room with me. She would sometimes tap my leg and stare at me with those lovely green eyes of hers—her way of saying, “Elevator up!” After placing her on my lap, Lucy would fall asleep instantly and I would continue to work on my blog posts or quilt patterns. If I got up, the chair became hers and woe to them that might move Princess Lu when she was comfy cozy!

I will miss my sweet Lucy Lu forever.

I made my two Island Batik kennel quilts in memory of Lucy, who is in kitty heaven right now lazing in a sun patch, sneezing in someone’s face, or sitting on a spider (her way of trapping them). I encourage you to make some kennel quilts too—in memory of your little fur babies. Click here for the guidelines and be sure to drop me a note to let me know if you make some kennel quilts.

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