Adding Long Floppy Ears to a Dog Gone Cute Block

In my online hive, Bee Inspired, a bee mate asked us to make her a block that looked like a former pet. I have cats now, but when I was young I had a wonderful dog named Shamrock.

The block we were to make for our bee mate is called Dog Gone Cute and man it sure is! The block patterns were designed by Lorna @So Fresh Quilts, and there are eight different doggie blocks. You'll find them by clicking here

Lorna's Block Five

My Shamrock block

I studied Lorna's Dog Gone Cute blocks, searching for one that looked like my Shamrock. I finally decided on Block 5 because it had Sham's coloring.

To make my block, I used green fabrics because Shamrock was Irish <grin>. I also modified Lorna’s pattern to give my dog long floppy ears just like my Sham. In my original post about the block, I linked back to Lorna's patterns. Lorna liked my version of the block so much she asked if I could supply the details of my modifications to her readers, in case one of them wanted to make a Shamrock block too. So here goes.

I started with the instructions for Dog Five. When cutting, I made these changes:

To make the floppy ears, draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of two of the A squares, place them right sides together on the corners of the C rectangle, and sew on the line. Trim the seam allowance to 1/4" and press back towards the corner. Repeat to add the second A square.

Sew the C2 rectangle to the bottom of this unit. Repeat these steps to make a second ear.

C unit with flip corners b.jpg

Assemble the dog block as described in the pattern, sewing the floppy ears to either side of dog’s face.

That's it! I hope you enjoy my Shamrock variation. Thanks again to Lorna for providing the original patterns. Making this block for my bee mate was so much fun! Making a whole quilt of them would be awesome!

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Tell me...what pet would you model a Dog Gone Cute block after? What colors would you use?