Goodbye Terry!

As I write this, there are tears running down my face because my dear quilting friend, Terry will be moving to another state soon, and I may never see her again—or at the very least, not often enough!

No one told me oh so long ago when I started quilting that I would meet so many generous, funny, loving quilters along the way to share my passion with. Really. If forced to (and I do mean forced), I could maybe give up quilting all together, but never, never my quilting friends. They have enriched my life and made it so worth living. One of those quilters is Terry, an adored bee mate.

Terry is afraid of nothing but boring. In her quilting, she jumps in head first, pushing the envelope with her quirky choices in fabric, embellishments, edge finishes, and quilting.

We had a goodbye party for Terry recently, and all she asked for was a 6” finished block from each of us, any style. I love Terry so much, I knew the block I made had to perfectly reflect who she is. So of course I chose wonky. At a bee meeting a few months ago, Terry and another bee mate Michelle made some wonky birds. I tried my hand at one as well, and learned pretty quickly that I’m a planner, designer, controlling quilter who is not enough of a free-spirit to be any good at random, wonky, free-wheeling improv piecing. This block took me several hours, lots of unsewing, and even some tears to make.

So to say that I stepped way out of my box to make a wonky block for Terry is an understatement. I think that’s what I’ll miss most about her—with her bubbly enthusiasm for everything that isn’t “boring,” she inspires me creatively and pushes me to try new things in my quilting. She’s also a good friend and straight talker. Gosh I’m gonna miss her, and so will so many other quilters in my Guild.

Here’s the block I made for Terry. I used dots of course! And of course it had to have lots of embellishments in the form of funky trims and colorful (and not boring) buttons.

A lot of people loved my block, including Terry, which made me very glad. Some of the quilters encouraged me to design other wonky birds and to make a quilt pattern out of it, which sounds like a wonderful idea! So stay tuned—I may step way out of my box and do it!

Goodbye Terry, dear friend. You're the wonkiest, loveliest bird I know. Come back soon!

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Tell me…do you have a quilter friend like Terry? What has she pushed you to do creatively?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!