Update on Gradations Charming Stepping Stones

A month ago, we had a Super Show and Tell in which everyone who participated in my Stepping Stones Quilt Along who also happened to be in my guild brought their completed Stepping Stones quilt to show it off. The result was an amazing parade of quilts in various colors and prints. It was so cool to see my pattern done in so many ways!

At that Show and Tell, I showed all four of my quilts, including Gradations, which was not yet complete but simply pin-basted. It got a lot of handling at the three Guild meetings that month and since there was a wrinkle in the back from the original pin-basting, I decided to repin it. Ugh. Has that ever happened to you—that you get a quilt all basted, flip it over and find some folds or wrinkles in the backing you’ve pinned in place? Can’t say it’s happened to me before, so it’s a mystery how it came to be this time, but anyway I digress.

My bee had a quilt retreat a few Saturdays ago, and I used that opportunity to repin the quilt. I must say that it went so much faster this time! I think it was the great company that kept me occupied and not focused on how exceedingly boring pin-basting is. After basting, I started quilting my quilt. Yep! I’m finally quilting it!

I may have mentioned before that my husband looked at the quilt top and said that it looked like ocean waves breaking at the shore. So I decided right then I wanted to quilt it in waves. After searching Pinterest for quilting ideas, I finally came up with something I think works well.

Can’t say it’s an easy pattern—I seem to have a lot of stops and starts. My quilting isn’t the greatest, but I have fun with it. I’m pretty proud that this isn’t a complete disaster because it has to be the largest quilt I’ve ever done on my home machine. Woot!

My Stepping Stones and Charming Stepping Stones patterns are available in my shop if you’re interested. Both patterns make up fast using precuts, fat quarters, or yardage and come in multiple sizes.






Next up is my Pulse quilt, which is all pin-basted and ready to rock and roll. Better get going on this one because the deadline for shipping is September 15th!

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Tell me..do you quilt your own quilts? How do you decide how to quilt them?

  I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

 I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!