Stash Builder Box: A Subscription with Heart

Subscribing to Stash Builder Box is like getting a secret present every month from your best quilting buddy! Even better, 20% of the proceeds from Stash Builder Box go towards a quilt for a needy child. With Stash Builder, you’re building your stash of fabric, patterns, and notions while helping others at the same time. What could be better than that?

When Amanda Kelly of Stash Builder Box contacted me and offered a free monthly box in return for an honest review, I must confess that my natural inclination was to say, “Heck yeah!” I mean, I simply loooove surprises.

But it was after I learned more about Stash Builder and #TheBoxWithACause that I decided, box or no box, I had to help spread the word about this incredible charity effort. As I said earlier, 20% of the proceeds from every box goes into the cost of making quilts for needy children. The current charity is My Stuff Bags, a charity that provides bags stuffed with personal items and a quilt to abused or neglected children entering crisis or foster care. Amanda is a businesswoman with a generous heart: If you can’t afford a monthly subscription, she’s provided other ways in which you can help this worthy cause--by donating orphan quilt blocks, batting, thread, or fabric, or by volunteering to piece tops or quilt charity quilts as a designated HeartBuilder.

But let’s talk about the box. Yes, I was given the box but I was also asked to provide my honest opinion so I’ll do just that. First off, I was honestly impressed with the packaging. Everything about Stash Builder Box screams pampering. The box is stamped with a professional label and a lovely gold seal—the perfect symbol of quilting royalty. I don’t mind admitting that I’m a Queen and I enjoy being treated as such. <grin>

Inside, there are more Queenly touches—tissue wrapping, beautiful stickers, a reusable bag and tons of pink ruffly filler material. A special welcome inside the lid greets you, and a box full of quilting goodies beckons.

So what does the July Stash Builder Box contain? Let’s take a look.

Turns out that the something in the back that looks like a vintage McCall’s pattern is actually a cute notebook. It'll come in handy since I'm always jotting down design ideas, and besides, it’s stinkin’ cute! Win-win.

Next, I decided to open the big black tissue wrapped package that was looking all mysterious. Inside, I found a quilt pattern, a block of the month pattern, and three adorable fat quarters with an ice-cream theme. Man that quilt pattern by Initial K Studio is cute! That’s certainly going on my to-do list. And the Snowball block looks easy and scrap-worthy. That's a plus for me, a quilter who loves scrappy quilts. The fat quarters are lovely and modern, and hey, who doesn't love ice-cream?

There was also a surprise bag to explore. Inside, I found a packet of Soak, a “You can never have enough fabric” pencil (my mantra) that pairs beautifully with the notebook, a “I Heart SBB” button for my button collection, and oh! a spool of Aurifil thread that perfectly coordinates with the fat quarters. I love, love, love Aurifil and you simply can’t give me enough. Really.

Wondering what fabric line that was because you want more? Like the thread but need to know its exact color? Well, wonder no more because Stash Builder Box provides a lovely card with a detailed description of everything in your box. I told you they treat you like a Queen! A quick looks tells me that the July box features Boardwalk Delight by Dana Willard, and Medium Juniper 50 wt. Aurifil Mako cotton thread.

Pretty good haul, I must say. Would I subscribe? I’d give it a try because I can always cancel if I get surprise box overload (is that even possible?). It’s certainly affordable, and as I say, I love surprises! The box would make a great gift too, especially for a new quilter or a quilting friend who could use some cheering up.

Here’s something fun…the Stash Builder Box is interactive! Every month, they ask their Instagram followers to vote on the fabric to be included in the next month’s box. The August vote is already closed, but I'm sure they'll be asking your opinion soon for the September box!

And the fun continues…Stash Builder Box has just issued a Selvage Challenge with cool prizes! You can make a selvage quilt or other item to enter.

Interested in ordering the July Stash Builder Box for yourself? You’ve got until July 14th to order one because they start shipping on July 15th. As they say, “And there’s more!” The kind folks at Stash Builder Box have provided my readers with a coupon code worth $3 off your first month’s subscription! You can subscribe for a single month or several, so if you’re not feeling committed, you don’t need to be. Here’s the code to use at checkout:


I hope you will consider treating yourself while helping a good cause. As Mark Twain said, “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

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