Bingo Block Update


My bee has been making blocks for a special Bingo game we’re going to play at our Guild’s Christmas party in December. To play the game, we need to make Bingo cards out of fabric. Since we expect over 150 people at the party, we’ve decided to make at least 200 cards so we have some extras for people who want to play more than one card.

There are twenty-five 2-1/2” squares in each block, so I’ll let you do the math. <wink> All I know is that I’ve been cutting out squares for what seems like forever!

Last Friday, we had a sewing day. My daughter Katerina is an honorary member of the bee so she came too. Wouldn’t you know it, the little stinker sews faster than me!

We did real well I think, ending the day with a total of 91 completed blocks! We took home another 107 block kits so we could make more Bingo blocks at home. (UPDATE: I took home 25 kits and sewed up another 25 blocks...we have over 200 blocks complete!)

After we have our party in December, we’ll turn the blocks over to our charity group to make charity quilts out of them. I love how the blocks are turning out and I think the quilts will be awesome! I can just picture the fun some kid will have playing Eye Spy with one of the quilts. The blocks certainly contain a large variety of fabrics, colors and designs!

Sewing up these blocks (I made 45 to 50) was one of my 2016 Finish A Long goals so I get to check off a big one! Doesn't that feel good?

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Tell me…what games do you play at your Guild parties?