I Spy Swap

Hi! Most of you know that I’ve just come off a very busy week, participating in the New Quilters Blog Hop. The hop is taking this week off, so I’m getting an opportunity to catch you up on my other goings on.

Last week, I decided to participate in an online fabric swap of 4” squares of novelty fabrics. Like a lot of the participants, I’m planning on using my squares to make an I Spy quilt. I’ve been collecting novelty fabrics for quite some time now. In fact, I started collecting when my daughter was little, and she’s in college now! Oops!

Here’s just a tiny bit of that collection that I pulled for the swap.

I don’t have any particular reason to make an I Spy—I mean, no babies on the way or anything like that. I just like them. Anyway, I sent my squares off last week, some 200 of them and I'm expecting 200 new-to-me squares to arrive on my doorstep any day now. It’s like waiting to open presents at Christmas!

After I cut my 200 squares for the swap, I got so excited about the idea of some new arrivals that I got out my I Spy collection. The collection includes some squares I’d cut a long time ago along with fabric scraps I’d put aside to cut whenever I had time.

At least, I guess that’s what I planned to do with them. It’s been so long, I frankly can’t remember. So going through that box, pressing and cutting the novelty scraps and organizing the squares by size gave me a chance to renew my acquaintance with these beauties. It was like an all-expense paid trip to a novelty fabric store! Of course I had to pet them all, and stare at the cute little kitties, cars, and cacti!

I must confess...I also have novelty fabrics neatly folded in my fabric stash, so this pile doesn't even come close to showing you how much I have. Yes, Houston we have a problem. <grin>

It was a fun day playing with fabric and dreaming of my someday quilt.

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Tell me: Do you collect novelties for a someday quilt? Have you ever made something with them?

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!