Being Brave - The Quilting Challenge

For several months now, I’ve been participating in the Brave Quilter challenge by Julie of Pink Doxies. So far, I’ve challenged myself to make something with a zipper (I have a fear of them) and to be more artistic (I’m challenged when I don’t have an exact plan). Here are the results from those challenges.

The art challenge is on-going, and shown here is my progress at the time of my blog post. I started by selecting my inspiration piece and my fabrics. You can read more about that here.

I’m participating in the Art with Fabric blog hop which is why I decided to focus on my artistry. You’ll see the progress I've made on my art piece on Friday when I post an update. I encourage you to follow the hop too if you like fabric art! The hop starts today with four lovely blogs you can visit and continues all week.

This month for the Brave Quilter challenge I’ve decided to focus on quilting. I quilt my own quilts when they are lap-sized or smaller, but I’m not terribly good at it. As a result, finished tops sit in a pile until I get brave enough to tackle the job of quilting them on my home machine. As my challenge this month, I’d like to try to do something about that. I might make a practice piece and focus on various quilting patterns so they can become more automatic. Or I might bite the bullet and start quilting the gradations version of Charming Stepping Stones. It's larger than lap size, so I'm really daunted by the thought of quilting it. If I do decide to tackle the job myself, I’m thinking I might quilt it in waves because my husband pointed out that it sort of looks like waves crashing on the shore. Either way, the focus this month is on quilting!

So...I’m at it again! <grin> I’m joining Julie’s #BraveQuilter linky and saying right here that I want to overcome my reluctance to quilt my own tops and do something about that this month. Gah! Wish me luck!

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