Being Brave about Art: The Result

This month for the Brave Quilter challenge, I challenged myself to try to make something artsy using fabric. This was a good choice for me since I’m participating in the Art with Fabric Blog Hop next week and I knew even at the beginning of the month that I would have to push myself to be brave because art quilts are way out of my normal wheelhouse.

I drug my feet most of the month, not even feeling brave enough to cut my fabric. So I did other things instead. For the blog hop, we’re supposed to make a piece inspired by a famous piece of art, so I fiddled around for weeks putting off my decision because I knew selecting something would mean I might have to begin working on it.

After choosing Wheatfield with Crows by Vincent Van Gogh as my inspiration piece, I chose my fabric. First I picked some things from my stash. Then I went shopping to enlarge my palette. This had the added benefit of further delaying the start of my art project. Woot!

Finally, I set about figuring out exactly what I wanted to do, and pushed by the Brave Quilter challenge I’m proud to announce I finally cut my fabric!

Next, I arranged my cut fabric on a table in a sort of artist’s palette that would inspire me further. Aren't they beautiful? Must pet them....

I even arranged fabric on my design wall to further test it out. Ha! No one suspects this delaying tactic! <grin>

Despite all my efforts to the contrary, I’m happy to report that pushed by the calendar (the end of April was fast approaching at the time) and the Brave Quilter challenge (hey, I didn’t want to be embarrassed by not even starting!) I’ve made some real progress on my art project. I can’t show you anything else though because the big reveal is next Friday during the blog hop. Come back on Friday, May 13th to see the result!

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