My Faves: Clover Wonder Clips

Wonder Clips by Clover are my new fave. I keep finding uses for them! For example, they are simply perfect for holding your binding in place while you sew.

When you’re trying to sew a zipper, Clover clips are like an extra set of hands.

If you’ve cut up pieces for a quilt and you want those pieces to stay organized, the clips are pretty handy.

Wanna sew something you don’t want to poke a hole in, like vinyl or chalkboard fabric? I found that my Clover clips were irreplaceably useful when I sewed a business card holder to my camera strap and luggage tag, and also when I sewed vinyl to my can koozie.

Really, any time to need to hold something in place while you sew, these clips are a genuine must-have.

The clips come in multiple colors so you can find ones that match your eyes, your cat, or you favorite color.

As cool as the colors are, probably the coolest thing about Clover Wonder clips are the markings on the back at 3/16”, 1/4” and 3/8”. The markings let you accurately measure what you’re clipping while you're clipping it.

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Clover clips review.jpg

Tell me, what do you use Clover Wonder Clips for?

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