Zippers? Bah! I’m Not Afraid of You!

In March, I challenged myself to make something with a zipper. The result was this cute as heck zippered pouch.

Isn’t it adorable? Unfortunately, I no longer have the pouch because I awarded it to one of my Stepping Stones Quilt Along participants who completed her quilt.

On the bright side, I may not have the pouch but I still have my fascination with zippers. During my Quilt Along, I needed to make some gifts I could use for giveaways. So I combined the two and made a zippered scissor cozy.

To make it, I first scoured Pinterest. There, I found a pattern for a zippered cozy by S.O.T.A.K. Handmade. Svetlana’s directions were clear and easy to follow---something I needed since I have a fear of zippers.

Or did. I dunno. I mean, I still am not too excited about making anything with a zipper, but I have to admit I'm no longer afraid of them. Call me wary.

Even though I no longer have the scissor cozy (it was another giveaway for my quilt along), I have something else: another finish on my Quarter 2 Finish Along List!

What about you? Are zippers a yeah! Or a bleah?

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