My Bee Just Went Dotty!

You probably remember from my earlier post that my bee was going to have a block exchange in May in which we were all to make 6” or 12” finished blocks using dotty fabrics. I decided to make 12" blocks to feature the lovely dots. Here’s what I came up with.

Making these dotty blocks was on my Quarter 2 Finish Along List, so I'm checking off another one! Yippee!

My bee met on Tuesday and we had our exchange. To help facilitate the choosing process, we laid all the blocks out so we could gaze at their loveliness. As you can see, we went all out for this challenge, coming up with some pretty cool designs! Most of us did not make the same block 10 times, but made different ones as the fancy hit us.

To make sure we were in a dotty mood, our hostess Michelle made dotty food! Yum!

After we ate, we drew lots and took turns picking one block each round. We could pick any block we wanted, but in the end we could only pick one block from each person. I ended up going first, so I picked the block I wanted most. We kept taking turns until eventually everyone had one block from each member.

These are the blocks I choose.

Now to do something with them. My intent is to put them together into a single quilt. The challenge is to find a way to blend all these lovely colors and patterns into a cohesive design.

Luckily, I still have a few dotted fabrics in my stash to help me do just that. <wink>

Tell me. Do you like dots? Will you be adding any to your stash soon?

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