2016 Q2 Finish Along Goals

I did pretty well in Quarter 1, finishing four projects and knocking down my WIP list by a little bit. In preparation for an even better Quarter 2, I present my current list of WIPs. Again, I’m not going to limit myself by shortening the list to just the things I think I might get done this quarter. It works better for me to work from a long list so I can always pick something that interests me.

Most of these projects appeared on my original WIP list, so I’ll be running through them pretty quickly.


This one is so close to being done I know you’ll see it soon.

Brickyard Alternate

I haven’t decided on a colorway yet, but this project is definitely high priority.

Charming Stepping Stones (Gradations)

Charming Stepping Stones (Rainbow)

I originally thought to call this Mini Stepping Stones, but I’ve changed my mind and now I’m calling it Charming Stepping Stones because it uses charm squares. I’m currently hosting a quilt along, offering the pattern for Stepping Stones and Charming Stepping Stones (in lap size only) for free, so if you’re interested, click the Stepping Stones QAL tab above to learn more.

I’m happy to report that the Rainbow version of Charming Stepping Stones is a completed flimsy. It’s basted and sits to the left of my sewing machine yelling “Quilt me!” every once in a while. I will soon. I promise.

I’m currently piecing the Gradations version for my quilt along, so pop back to see photos of it as I progress.

Alternate Versions of Quilts from My Book

In my book Idiot’s Guides: Quilting, I offered alternately colored versions of each of the patterns in the book. In most cases, these alternate colorways were shown in the book as just a few blocks. So my idea is to make more blocks for each alternate and create finished pieces. Here’s that list. For details on each project, check my original post.

  • Spring Romance tablerunner
  • Elephants on Parade wall hanging
  • Funky Flowers wall hanging
  • I's Have It table runner
  • Life in the Tide Pool table runner
  • Princess Charlotte Alternate baby quilt
  • Signature alternate table runner
  • Snake eyes Alternate table runner
  • Star Crossed Alternate baby quilt or table runner
  • Strawberry Preserves table runner
  • Swimming in the Gene Pool table runner
  • Mirage table runner
  • Water Vortex lap quilt

Luggage Tags for Bridget

Bridget is graduating in May so I’ll be motivated to get these done!

Messenger Bag for Scott

I’ve been working on the design for this one, and discussing the design with Scott. So we’re moving along on this project!

Star Trek Quilt for Katerina

I’ve been playing around with the design for this quilt for a while, and I think I’m getting closer to making a firm decision which way to go.

Bee Fat Quarter Challenge

I really want to do this project for my bee!

Art Fabric Project

I’m participating in the Brave Quilter challenge and the Art from Fabric blog hop, and I thought I would combine both challenges into a challenge to create an art piece from fabric. As my inspiration, I want to use Van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Crows.

Fabric Gifts

I have a number of gifts I want to make for friends and several projects in mind. First, I want to make more Pixie Baskets by Heidi of Fabric Mutt to keep on hand as quick gifts.

I also want to make a simple zippered pouch using the pattern by Melissa of Melly Sews, but with a pieced section to jazz it up.

I made an Open Wide Zippered Pouch by Anna of Noodlehead recently for a challenge and fell in love! So I’d like to tackle it again, except in a smaller size.

As you might be able to guess, I’m slowly falling in love with zippers and after browsing Pinterest the other day I found a pattern by Svetlana of S.O.T.A.K. Handmade for an adorable zippered scissor cozy that I now want to make.

Quilting Sampler

I’m reading a new book called The Ultimate Guide to Quilting, and I’m motivated to create a small sampler to try out all the neat patterns featured in the book.

Dotty Blocks

I've been challenged by my bee to design a block and make it entirely of dotty fabrics. I've rounded up my dotty fabrics and there they sit, waiting for me to finalize my design and sew them up.

Irish Chain

Around St. Patrick's Day, I started pulling green scraps from my scrap bin to make an Irish Chain quilt. It's a perfect leader/ender project!

Pieced Color Wheel

My Guild is exploring color as a yearly theme, and that's got me hyped to make a pieced color wheel for my studio. Each month we get a sample of that month's color, and I've been using those samples to find just the perfect examples of each color for my color wheel project.

So this is my Finish Along List for Quarter 2. It’s large I know, but somehow that’s more motivating for me. Let’s see what I get done this second quarter!

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