Being Brave about Zippers: The Result

At the beginning of March, I wrote a post about being brave where I took up the personal challenge of making something with a zipper. Well, March is over and I wanted to let you know how things came out.

So....what was the outcome of my battle with zippers? Let's take a look!

I admit it. I have a fear of zippers.

I love zippered bags, zippered, totes, zippered lanyards and well, pretty much anything with a zipper but the idea of actually making it. Bottom line: I'm afraid of making a mistake, and in my mind, zippers provide a lot of opportunities to do just that.

So to answer my challenge and overcome my fear of zippers, I'd have to finally make that zippered something. I scoured Pinterest for ideas and decided to make an Open Wide Zippered Pouch using a tutorial by Anna Graham of Noodlehead.

So why this project and not something else? Well, first, I knew I would be motivated to finally make something with a zipper if the thing I was making was super cute, and Anna’s zippered pouches sure are!

Second, I’m a person who needs to visualize the process very clearly before I can even think of starting something new. That’s probably why doing free-form wonky things like my Wonky Bird block is so hard for me.

Anyway, I read and re-read Anna’s tutorial several times and I found that it helped me visualize exactly what I had to do, so I choose it for my zipper challenge. Again, because I’m a visual person I took my time choosing just the right fabrics. Of course, the fabric-choosing process also delayed when I’d have to start actually tackling that zipper, so win-win. <wink> Sooner than I wanted though <grin>, I had my three fabrics chosen--two for the outside and one for the lining--and it was time to start.

Following Anna’s step by steps, I was soon at the zipper-putting-in part. After I got it in and realized that my zipper looked like the one in her photos, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I also pumped my fists, tooted my horn, and jumped on social media to share my new triumph with my online friends.

I even managed to make a zipper tab per the tutorial, and I think it looks pretty good!

Honestly, I don’t know what the fuss was all about because sewing in that zipper turned out to be real easy and so was finishing the rest of the pouch.

Julie at Pink Doxies is continuing her challenge this month and I’ve got a few days to decide what my next challenge will be. I don’t think it will matter what challenge I pick because what I’ve found through this whole thing is that I simply need that little push to try something new. Now I feel like I can conquer anything!

If you feel the same way, I encourage you to jump over to Julie’s blog between April 4-10 and link up your April challenge. You won’t regret it!

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