Quilting at the Lake

I belong to a bee that has a quilt retreat twice a year at a lake house owned by one of our members. I know, I’m really lucky! The lake house has plenty of space for us, and the lake view is gorgeous. Going there always makes me feel reinvigorated. I’m deeply appreciative of the time we get to spend there because not only do I get a lot of good quilting done, I also get an opportunity to grow closer to my quilting buddies.

Did I mention the great sunsets?

And the tea parties?

Bee retreats are awesome! <grin>

We had another of our bee retreats this past weekend and I got a lot of good quilting done. First I worked a bit on the rainbow version of Charming Stepping Stones. I’m quilting it using several modern quilting patterns but I don’t want to show you much right now. I want to get the quilt finished first then I’ll feature the quilt in a post.

Next, I worked on some dotted blocks for a bee challenge. You may remember that my bee got crazy about dotted fabric a while back and decided to have a block exchange.

We’re making a block for each person in the bee, in either 6” or 12” size or some combination. We can make our blocks all the same or make different ones. At the end of the exchange, I’ll have one block from each of the members of my bee. It’ll be a wonderful memory of these girls I’ve grown so very close to.

Finally, I pieced together the rows for the gradations version of Charming Stepping Stones. I’ll sew the rows together this week, or at another retreat that I’m going to this weekend.

I know! Another retreat? I’m really lucky.

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