Being Brave - The Zipper Challenge

One of the things I like most about the blogosphere is sharing it with my online quilting buds. Whether they know it or not, they inspired me and push me to try new things and to grow as a quilter. Julie at Pink Doxies did that recently with last Thursday’s post. She’s inviting us to find something new we want to try then declare that intention.

I’m a big believer in visualizing. I think that if you visualize achieving a dream or a goal strongly enough the good mojo in the universe circles around that desire and lends strength to it, helping it to come true. At least, that’s my explanation for all these zippers.

Online, I’m constantly seeing lovely zippered bags, zippered totes, zippered lanyards and other zippered items that I simply lust after. With the intention of making some of these luscious zippered items, I buy colorful zippers whenever they catch my eye.

Likewise, I buy patterns that use zippers.

I have yet to make any of these goodies. Why? Well, for one I haven’t made anything with a zipper since High School so I'm not sure I can remember how. But the biggest reason is that the idea of making one of these zippered lovelies is a bit intimidating to me.

So I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that something else has gotta happen to make my dream of zippered heaven come true. So I’m joining Julie’s #BraveQuilter linky and saying right here that I want to overcome my fear and make a zippered something sometime in March. Wish me luck!

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