Week 3 Stepping Stones Quilt Along: Creating the Half-Square Triangles

Hello fellow quilt alongers! If you’ve just joined us, no biggie—you can still catch up and quilt along with us while we make Stepping Stones or Charming Stepping Stones.

Stepping Stones in two colorways

Charming Stepping Stones

By now the rest of you have gotten your fabrics pressed and cut, and I bet you’re ready to do some sewing! This week, we’ll make half-square triangles (HSTs). You’ll make 1 HST Unit for each block for a total of 30 units (if you’re making Stepping Stones) or 143 (If you’re making Charming Stepping Stones). The pattern uses the two-at-a-time HST method so if you need step-by-steps, I have a detailed tutorial over here.

For the rest of you, here's the gist of what you've gotta do to make HSTs two at a time.

First, you need to mark the sewing lines on the back of half of your 3” squares (2” squares if you’re making Charming Stepping Stones). I like to use a quarter-inch seam marker to help me draw my lines, and a quilter’s sandboard to hold my squares in place while I mark them.

Next, take a marked and unmarked 3” square (or 2” squares, if you’re making Charming Stepping Stones), and put them right sides together. Sew on the two sewing lines, and cut the squares apart on the diagonal. You now have two HST Units!

Most people press their HSTs open and then trim them to size, but I trim and then press. The details for this trim-and-then-press technique are included in my Half-Square Triangles Two at a Time Tutorial, but you can skip over here if you just want to know more about the trimming process.

In any case, you need to trim your HSTs to 2-1/2” (or 1-1/2” if you’re making Charming Stepping Stones).

Next week, we’ll make two more block units.

Now, let’s talk about the giveaway! Last week I said that anyone posting a new photo before the deadline would be entered because I wanted to allow any latecomers to still party with the rest of us. We had five people post photos of their cut fabrics (Mary posted two--one for each of her quilts). Look at all this beautiful cutting work! Gina was too late posting her photo to enter the giveaway <sob> but let's applaud her great work!

Christine posted her fabric choices because she's just catching up. I can't decide which fabric set is going to make a prettier quilt. Great choices Christine! Don't worry--I know you can catch up with us in no time.

Christine's first quilt - fabric palette

Christine's second quilt - fabric palette

I’ve collected the names of everyone who posted a picture, and assigned a number to each one in the order in which they were posted. I used Random.org to generate the winning number.

Congratulations Mary! I’ve sent you an email letting you know you've won.

This week’s giveaway is this lovely felted wool zippered pouch. It is so cute and would make a wonderful catchall for your quilty tools!

Post a photo of the next step for you to the Facebook group, Flick group, or Instagram with the tags @inquiringquilter #SteppingStonesQAL for a chance to win! Making HSTs can be pretty boring so to be fair let’s just say you can take a photo of however many HSTs you get done and just leave it at that. If your next step is cutting, post a photo of the fabric all cut, like you see above. If you're just joining us, your first step is deciding on a fabric palette, so post a photo of that. In order to make it easier for everyone to enter the giveaway if they'd like, this week you have until Tuesday April 5th at midnight to post a photo for a chance to win.

Meanwhile, if you need help or encouragement, be sure to look to the Facebook and Flickr groups. That's what they are for! See you online, everyone.

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