Keep Calm and Get Your Seam Fix

Okay, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I need to rip out a seam because I didn’t sew it right. <grin> On those infrequent occasions <wink> I bring out my Seam Fix because it saves me time and frustration.

I probably have four or five seam rippers, so I certainly didn’t feel like I needed another one when I first saw the Seam Fix in a local quilt shop. Then I learned that Seam Fix has a rubbery end that removes threads easily, making it a seam ripper that every quilter should make room for in his or her sewing box.

At one end of the Seam Fix is your standard seam ripper. At the other end is a rubber ball with grooves that acts like an eraser, sweeping up those newly snipped threads with just a few passes.

I have both the regular-sized (5-1/8") and miniature )3-1/8") Seam Fixes because I love them so much. I hear it's a great tool for fraying the seam of a rag quilt. This really is a must-have quilter's tool!

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