My Weekend with Friends, Valentines, and Wonky Birds

There is nothing like quilting with friends to inspire you and to refill your soul with love, creativity, and design inspiration.

I linked up with Friday Night with Friends this week (an online sewing party) then spent Saturday with my quilting buddies at a quilting retreat. Needless to say, I got a lot done and had tons of fun doing it.

Here are my virtual friends

and my non-virtual friends

My goal this weekend was to work on a Valentines table runner for my Sweetie. You may remember this project from my 2016 FAL list.

I had the previously sewn the strata and made some simple blocks, with the intention of putting them together into a lap quilt. But I decided to make a table runner instead because I was feeling it more than a lap quilt. I may still make one even so, because man do I have a lot of Valentines fabrics!

The fabrics I used for my table runner came from a jelly roll by Moda called All You Need is Love by Deb Strain. This weekend, I appliqued the letters on each block and sewed them together. Then I added a rickrack vine. I still need to add the applique hearts, border, and a special finish I’m considering.

I also played with liberated quilting and made a wonky bird block. Now, I am a process person so I plan, design, plan again, consider, make changes, and plan again. Then I finally sew. Man, I have to tell you, making this wonky bird block was so far out of my wheelhouse that it was agonizing. But I stuck to it and I like the finish. In the picture, I'm showing some embellishments I'm thinking about adding to the bird's head. What cha think?

I also noticed that Michelle, who encouraged me to make a wonky block and even loaned me the scraps to do it, used a completely different technique for making her wonky birds. I approached my block with a sort of foundation-piecing method while Michelle simply stacked two fabrics, considered the angle she wanted, cut then sewed matching pieces together. And she got her four blocks done in almost the same amount of time it took me to make my one.

I will definitely try her method next time. And yes, there will be a next time because I want to learn and I won’t feel comfortable until I’m comfortable with this new technique.

What did you spend this weekend doing?

I link my blog posts to these awesome linky parties! I want to do a special shout-out to Brooke at Silly Mama Quilts who is starting a new Wednesday linky party this week. Good luck Brooke!

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