Thank You Blocks

Every year the members of my quilt guild thank our President for his/her service by making a thank you block. The President gets to choose the block and the colors he/she wants and we present the blocks as a gift at the last meeting of the year. It’s kinda funny because the thank you blocks are never a surprise although we all (including the President) like to pretend they are.

I was President myself back in 2011, and slacker that I am, I haven’t sewn my thank you blocks into a quilt yet. I’m ashamed to say that my thank you blocks didn’t even make it onto my WIP gotta finish list for 2016, so I don’t think I’ll be sewing them together soon although I really want to. (To see what did make my WIP list check out my earlier post).

Our outgoing President requested star blocks, any size, in red, blue, gold, and/or white. This is what I made for her—a 12” finished block called Union Square Variation. If you like it, you can find the pattern on the Quilters Cache. If you don’t know about the Quilters Cache you oughta get to know it because it’s a great source for free block patterns. Just be sure to respect her copyright just as you respect mine.

Quilters Cache patterns are great, but the instructions for this block didn’t match the way I wanted to make it--for example, I wanted to make all eight HSTs at a time following my tutorial, rather than cutting bias triangles and sewing them together as per the block instructions. I have also acquired a new ruler just for square in a square blocks and I wanted to use it to make Union Square Variation. I'll blog about the ruler as soon as I've checked it out--I think I'm going to really love it!

Because I wanted to construct the block differently, I had to figure out my own instructions for making it. Normally, that is no biggie because I design patterns after all! But man, I must have been real tired the day I sewed the block or in a big hurry because I swear I made every mistake in the book and resewed it a bunch of times! I didn’t cut anything the wrong size thank goodness because I didn’t have a lot of extra fabric, but I kept sewing the HSTs together the wrong way! Then I sewed together what I thought were the corner units only to realize that wasn’t the way the block went together. Again, what was I thinking?

I thought the "corner units" were made up of two HSTs, a beige square and a navy square. But if you go back and look at the block, You make the square in a square unit and then border it, like this:

Ha! Even now I'm smiling at how silly I was. The block turned out well, despite my efforts to never complete it. Chris, the outgoing President, decided she wanted her blocks signed so I did that with a Pigma pen. You'll notice that I got my blocks signed as well. They will make an awesome keepsake once I ever get them together.

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