My Faves: Dotty Fabric

I love bees because I get to share what I’m working on, get quilting advice if I need it, and best of all learn something new. I missed my last bee meeting <sob> and I’m sorry I did because when Becky #3 showed a quilt she was working on, everyone went dotty!

My beemates were instantly inspired by the dotty magic of this quilt to host a block exchange—you know, where everyone makes a block and then somebody wins them. We were going to have the dotty block exchange at our next bee meeting. In the meantime though, we met for a bee retreat I talked about in an earlier post and were inspired to take our dottiness to the next level.

At the retreat, our change of direction started when Becky #3 showed the block she’d made for the dotty block exchange. She loved it so much she made several more, then lamented the idea of possibly losing them to someone else. Can’t say I blame her!

It was decided then and there to have a different kind of block exchange. The new plan is for each of us make a dotty block and then replicate it for each of the members in the bee. Since we have nine members, I’ll be making nine blocks, keeping one for myself and giving one to each of my bee mates. We’ll each end up with enough blocks to make a quilt or whatever else we desire. Best of all, we’ll have a memory of our lovely beemates!

I haven’t decided yet what dotty block I’m going to make, but I know I want it to be special. Our definition of dotty fabric includes anything that even remotely has dots, such as these lovelies I pulled from my stash. So tell me, are you suffering from dotty fever as well?

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