The Valentine’s That Wasn’t

So, best intentions.

My hubby and I didn’t make a lot of plans for Valentine’s Day because bad weather was expected all weekend. But we did plan on fixing a romantic dinner and maybe watching a movie. I had also hoped I could try to sneakily finish a Valentine’s table runner that I’d been working on.

That was all well and good until we got a phone call from our daughter who is a freshman in college. We hadn’t seen her since Christmas and had planned on visiting her this coming weekend to celebrate my husband’s birthday together. I won’t bore you with details, but we ended up switching our weekend plans and postponing Valentine's Day.

Who can resist that sweet face?

Remember that storm? Well it came big time and we ended up taking her back to school on Monday rather than risk the roads. We had a nice long visit, but it wasn’t a terribly romantic weekend and I didn’t get to work on the Valentine’s runner like I wanted to so there's some disappointment mixed in. I'm crossing fingers that despite how busy this week is looking, I can still get the table runner done by this weekend for our Valentines Redux. In the meanwhile, here are the flowers my hubby got on Thursday before all the hullaballo.

Aren’t they beautiful? Scott long ago learned that he can buy flowers at Kroger for half the price of the local florist we had been using and get twice as many!

Notice here that I actually have two bouquets—one for downstairs and one for my studio upstairs. The treat for Scott is that he gets to select the flowers himself, creating a palette of colors that pleases him. In the process, he buys so many flowers that I get two bouquets. Aren't I lucky?

Scott's habit of spending a lot of time in the Floral department hand selecting flowers causes quite a stir and it doesn't take long for the guys who haven’t got a clue what kind of flowers to get to notice that he very definitely knows what he’s doing. Scott’s helped many a hapless husband select a wonderful bouquet, much to our delight. To the happy wives whose lives he’s touched, I say “You’re welcome and Happy Valentine’s Day!” <grin>

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