Week 3 Berry Cross Quilt Along: Creating the Block Units

Hello Berry Cross quilt alongers! If you’ve just joined us, no biggie—you can still catch up.

Berry Cross Quilt Along

By now the rest of you have gotten your fabrics pressed and cut, and I bet you’re ready to do some sewing! This week, we’ll make the basic units that make up our block. We’ll start with the nine-patch center…but first, my apologies. In an earlier post, I mislabeled the blocks. So before we begin to sew, let's take a look at the blocks used in each of the colorways and what I'm calling them now.

Basically, Block A has colored corners, and Block B has background corners. There are two possible Block As that I'll call Block A1 and Block A2. Likewise, there are two variations for Block B.

Notice that regardless of the blocks your particular colorway uses, the basic units--the nine-patch centers and the four "arrows" are the same. It's only the four corners that changes from one colorway to the next. That means that all of us, regardless of the colorway we chose, will make the same basic units for our 20 blocks.

Block A1 for Colorway 1 and 2

Block A2 for Colorway 2

Block B1 for Colorway 1 and 3

Block B2 for Colorway 3

The Colorways, a review

I thought it might save you having to jump back to a former post if I also posted the quilts for each colorway.

Colorway 1

Colorway 2

Colorway 3

Making Units 1 and 2

Sewing the nine-patch is pretty straightforward. Note however that the pieces are not all squares. Here’s the nine-patch for Block A1 and B2. Start by laying out your pieces as shown.

Sew the pieces in each row together, pressing towards the center in Rows 1 and 3, and towards the outer pieces in Row 2. Sew the rows together, and press the seams open to reduce bulk. Make 10 Unit 1s. Square to 4-1/2”.

Here’s the nine-patch for Block A2 and B1. Layout your pieces and in the same manner, make 10 nine-patches (Unit 2s).

Making Units 3 and 4

To make the next block unit—Unit 3-- layout the pieces first. Unit 3 is used in Block A1 and B2.

Sew the rectangles together, pressing towards the outer rectangles. To add the corners, use the Sew and Flip method with (2) background 2-1/2” squares. Trim the excess under the flipped corners. Square to 4-1/2". Make (40) Unit 3s.

Layout the pieces for Unit 4 and sew it up in the same manner as Unit 3. Unit 4 is used in Block A2 and Block B1. Make (40) Unit 4s.

Next Friday, we’ll have a linky party and another giveaway, so make sure to take a photo of your sewn units so you can enter. In two weeks, we’ll sew up the block. Some of you will want to work ahead, and that’s okay. Just be sure to take photos at each stage so you can enter the giveaways. Want to review the schedule for the quilt along? Click here.

If you need more details on how to construct the block units, I have a photo tutorial here.

Giveaway time!

Now, let’s talk about the giveaway! I’ve collected the names of everyone who posted a picture of their cut pieces, and assigned a number to each one in the order in which they were posted. I used Random.org to generate the winning number.

Congratulations Susie Walden! I’ve sent you an email with your digital coupon. It can be used online or in the store. Have fun shopping at Always in Stitches, and be sure to mention that you won during the quilt along!

As you get your units done, please share them in the Facebook and Flickr groups, and on Instagram using the hashtags #BerryCrossQAL and @InquiringQuilter. Seeing the photos really motivates me, and I appreciate those of you that share them during the week. Next Friday, you’ll be able to share the photos here as well, in another linky party. If you have any questions, be sure to post them on Facebook. The group is also a great place to get encouragement!

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I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!

I really appreciate your comments. Please leave an email address so I can thank you personally!