2016 Q1 Finish Along Goals

If you read my previous post, you know that I have a lot of goals for 2016. One of them is to be more active in the online quilting community. To that end, I've joined the 2016 FAL!

Rhonda's [Quilt] Ramblings

I did a lot of searching last year, and I think I've found a fun, supportive group that will really help me to bust my UFOs! Although I've thought long and hard about my list, I haven't yet taken the time to prioritize anything, so this is really kind of the list for the year. I'll probably be making changes to this list next quarter, but at least I have a list!

Without further ado (or hemming and hawing), here is my UFO list I want to finish:


One of my other goals for 2016 is to get more patterns in my shop, and Brickyard is one of them. I just got this back from the quilter, so this one will be easy to finish. All I've got to do is trim, cut the binding, and label it. I'm feeling good!

Brickyard Alternate

I think I will probably use this colorway, which features this large print fabric called Katerina that I bought because that's my daughter's name.

On the other hand, who doesn't like Kaffe Fasset? I might go this way instead, with a light gray or white.

I like to show two different colorways for my patterns when possible, so I'm planning an alternate version of this Brickyard. It's in the birthing stage, and as of yet I haven't decided for sure which fabrics to use. Which do you like?

Stepping Stones

This quilt is at the quilter so unfortunately I don't have anything to show you just now. I will tell you though that it looks completely different than the Stepping Stones Alternate shown below.

Stepping Stones Alternate

I'm planning on making a pattern for Stepping Stones, so I've done it in an alternate colorway. Of course you don't know that because I don't have the original quilt back yet so I can't show you how different they are!

Anyway, just because I get a quilt back from the quilter doesn't mean I finish it. I don't know what that says about me, but I'm afraid it says that I don't like to finish things. <wink> Anyway, this one only needs trimming, binding, and labeling so there's a chance I might actually get it done.

Mini Stones gradations and mini stones rainbow

I love my Stepping Stones pattern so much I'm making a miniature version of it in two colorways (of course!). One of the colorways uses gradations of a lovely blue gray. The alternate version is a rainbow. I can't wait to start both of these and to see how they turn out!

Spring Romance tablerunner

Fall Romance

Summer romance alternate colorway

I included a pattern called Fall Romance in my book, and I always wondered what it might look like if the leaves were done in spring colors, so that's my plan with this one.

Elephants on Parade alternate

In my book, I showed a lot of alternate colorways as inspiration for the patterns I included. As a result, I have a lot of alternate quilts in various forms of undress. In this case, the top is completely done and is sitting there wishing it could be made into a quilt.

Funky Flowers Alternate

This is also a complete top that awaits backing, batting, and quilting.

I's have it alternate


Alternate colorway in jewel tones

This is another alternate from my book done up in rich jewel tones that my daughter chose. I want to make more blocks and put these together as a table runner or wall hanging for her.

Life in the Tide Pool Alternate and table runner

Original colorway


I loved this pattern in the book and wanted to do it again in a completely different set of jelly rolls and charm packs. I may do that sometime, but in the meantime I plan to finish the table runner that appeared in the book as an alternate.

Princess Charlotte Alternate

The original quilt used light gray and modern fabrics in teal and yellow

Alternate in 30s fabrics

This pattern from the book is perfect for a baby quilt, so finishing the alternate colorway will serve two purposes! The alternate in the book featured 30s fabrics, but since it's only one block, I may go a completely different route when I get to this project. What colors do you think would make a great baby quilt to keep on hand?

Signature alternate table runner

In the book I showed two blocks sewn together in an alternate colorway, but it won't make a big enough table runner and I'm not sure if I have any more of the fabric so I may be starting over with this one. Sigh.

Snake eyes Alternate table runner

I chose a monochromatic color scheme for the alternate to this pattern in the book, and I thought I'd sew them together into a table runner.

Star Crossed Alternate


A slight variation created a new pattern

Star Crossed was inspired by Downton Abbey and Andover's lovely fabric line, and it was one of my favorite patterns in the book. For the alternate version, I actually changed the pattern just a little and I ended up with a completely different look! I may make these into a small quilt or go big and make a larger version. I love it that much!

Strawberry Preserves Alternate

I have several blocks in 30s fabric for the alternate colorway to this pattern, and they may end up as a sweet wall hanging for a friend. As you can see, I couldn't make up my mind exactly which way to go, so I've got three alternatives. Which set do you like?

Swimming in the Gene Pool Alternate

This table runner from the book is just waiting to be finished!

Mirage Alternate

The table runner that served as the alternate colorway in the book is a personal favorite, so I am really motivated to get this one quilted and done. The pattern for Mirage is available in my shop if you like it as much as I do!

Water Vortex Alternate

Original version of Water Vortex

My beach inspired version of Water Vortex

One of my favorite patterns from my book was Peppermint Twist. While playing around with alternate color combinations, I decided to modify the pattern somewhat and add pieced setting triangles. I tried out this new pattern in cool blues and teals, and my best friend Alice fell in love with it and made a complete quilt to show as an alternate in the book. I named this new version Water Vortex, and it's available in my shop. Unfortunately, Water Vortex is not my quilt (it's Alice's), so I'm in need of another version that I can include in my traveling trunk show. For my version, I decided on cool teal and sandy browns for a beach-inspired look.

Luggage Tags for Bridget

In December, I ran a series of post I hoped would inspire my readers to make last-minute Christmas gifts. One of those gifts, a set of luggage tags, has already found a home with my husband Scott who travels on business a lot. My niece Bridget (who is also my Goddaughter) got some luggage for Christmas and I thought I'd make her a set of luggage tags as a gift. She's told me that blue is her color, so I'm planning on making them in shades of blue.

The problem is, unless I add this project to my list of UFOs I'll forget about it and it'll be one of those things I wanted to do but never did. So here it is, on the list to remind me to actually make them for her!

Messenger Bag for Scott

Did I mention that Scott travels a lot? One of the things he needs is a large messenger bag that he can use at conferences. He's a journalist, so the bag needs to have space for the camera and its accessories, his tablet, a notepad, pencils, and other miscellaneous items like cords, cell phone, and business cards. Did I mention that this bag needs to qualify as a carry on and attach to his large bag so he can easily run through the airport to his plane? I have no idea if the pattern for such a bag exists, so I figure it'll be a custom job that I'll need to design and sew out of some tough material because the guy is hard on his luggage.

Star Trek Quilt for Katerina

During Row by Row last summer, my daughter started collecting various Star Trek fabrics. It's not like everyone carries these novelty fabrics, but somehow she ended up with quilt a collection. I want to design a quilt that will feature the large designs on some of the fabrics so I'm not whacking off the heads of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the others, while achieving a pleasing arrangement of color and tone. Yeah, I'm not asking for much! <wink> In the end though, I think I'll have a great pattern I can use on other large scale prints, so it'll be worth it I think. And I know Katerina will love her quilt!

Fabric Flowers for My Guild's Birthday Party

In a recent post, I showed some of the flowers I'm making for my Guild's upcoming birthday celebration. I've made 20 so far and only have about 100 more to go. My bee is helping though, so right now I'm planning on making only 20 or so more myself. I've adding them to the list because making these flowers is taking time away from other UFOs. I'm highly motivated to get them done so that's good.

I just made a few more yesterday, so a photo of them. Aren't these cute? Only 20 more to go!

Bee Fat Quarter Challenge

One of my bees has a fat quarter exchange with the challenge that we make something using the fat quarters during the year and bring it to our Christmas party as a Show and Tell. Well, I have not finished a fat quarter challenge in years, and I have several Christmas bags full of fat quarters to prove it. So this year, I want to make at least one project using these fat quarters. Who knows? Maybe I'll make more than one!

My Funny Valentine Wall Hanging

I've collected many Valentine's fabrics over the years with the intention of making my sweetie a special wall hanging. Maybe this will be the year it actually gets done!

Well that's my list for now. Totally doable, I know. But I figure if it's not on a list it won't ever get done, so at least now I'm accountable for something.

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I'm also going to participate in the APQ Challenge, even though I've got more than 12. They can sue me I guess. <grin>

So tell me, are you participating in 2016 FAL? How many WIPs do you hope to finish this year?

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