Spring May Be Coming, But Where Was Winter?

After a brief bout of snow and cold temperatures, spring like weather is apparently coming this weekend. While I have nothing against the mid-fifties, I’m not so sure I’m ready for it. I mean, what happened to Winter?

It appears that Spring is coming early this year whether I want it to or not. So what better to greet it with than this sweet bouquet of fabric flowers?

You may remember from a previous post that my bee mates and I have been making these fabric flowers for an upcoming Guild party. I have to say that I’m really loving how cute they are turning out! And what an awesome way to use up a bunch of my fabric scraps for a good cause!

I’ve also made some major headway on Stepping Stones Mini. The last time you saw it, it looked like this…

...a pile of HSTs.

Well, now it looks like this!

I’m trying out two different layouts for this baby quilt. Above is the original layout, which is a happy random look. The alternate layout below is one that I'm mulling over and it looks like a rainbow.

I’m leaning towards making a rainbow rather than simply mixing up the blocks--even though that means I have to make another purple block. What do you think? Which one looks better to you?

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