Saying I Love You with a Pillowcase

My only daughter recently started college and not surprisingly, I’m finding it hard to adjust to life as an empty nester. Like a lot of you, I find comfort in handcrafts. Today, I’m writing what I hope will turn into a series of articles about gifts you can make for your collegiate.

We recently visited Katerina and found that not only is she doing well, she loves her new home. Still, every once in a while she admits to missing us, and as a quilter, I naturally look for quilting, sewing, and other handcrafts to show her how much I care. For her first care package from home, I made Katerina a special Doctor Who pillowcase because she’s a big fan. I used the “burrito method” that results in enclosed seams so there aren’t any raw edges that might unravel when she washes the pillowcase.

The pillowcase was such a hit that I’m making one for her roommate and for her best friend, Cece. Michelle, her roommate, loves blue so I selected blue coordinates for her pillow. Cece loves skeletons, so I thought these happy skeleton prints would remind her that we miss her tons.

Do any of you have kids away from home? If so, what special gifts do you make to show them how much they are missed?

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